Based on the fourth paragraph of the first part of Article 11 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of May 5, 1998 “On the administrative-territorial division and the procedure for resolving issues of the administrative-territorial structure of the Republic of Belarus”, the Berezovsky District Council of Deputies DECIDED:

  1. Change the boundaries of the rural settlement of Narutovichi of the Berezovsky district and include in the line of the village of Narutovichi of the Narutovichi village council the land of the previously abolished village of Krivobloty with an area of 62.5 hectares.
  2. Narutovichsky village council of deputies to take measures to implement this decision.
  3. In accordance with the established procedure, the land management service of the Berezovsky district executive committee should send materials to the National Cadastral Agency Scientific and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise to amend the unified register of administrative-territorial and territorial units of the Republic of Belarus.
  4. This decision shall enter into force after its official publication.

Chairman K.V. Panasevich

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