Based on the paragraph of the sixth part of Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of May 5, 1998 “On the administrative-territorial division and the procedure for resolving issues of the administrative-territorial structure of the Republic of Belarus”, the Brest Regional Council of Deputies DECIDED:

  1. To abolish the Voronilovichsky, Starovolsky and Ruzhansky village councils of the Pruzhany district.
  2. To change borders:
    1. of Velikoselsky village council of Pruzhany district, including to it rural settlements of the abolished Starovolsky village council: Zarechye village, Lozovka village, Obrub village, Peredelsk village, Starovolya village;
    2. the territory subordinate to the Ruzhansky village Council of Deputies, including to it rural settlements of the abolished Voronilovichsky and Ruzhansky village councils: Baiki village, Bliznaya village, Bor-Lipy village, Vlasovichi village, Volya village, Zapolie village, Karasi village, Kovali village, Kulyany village, Manchiki village, Molochka village, Polonsk village, Yundily village, Butki village, Verchitsy village, Vitorozh village, Voronilovichi village, Yeskovtsy village, Kapli village, Klepachi village, Kolozuby village, Lososin village, the village of Ostrovok, the village of Peresadichi, the village of Tovtsvily, the village of Szczitno and the Nikitichi farm.
  3. Eliminate the Voronilovichsky, Starovolsky and Ruzhansky village Councils of Deputies and the corresponding village executive committees.
  4. To establish that the deputies of the liquidated Voronilovichi, Starovolsky and Ruzhany village Councils of deputies of the Pruzhany district for the entire term of their powers retain the status of a deputy of the local Council of Deputies and participate in the work of the Velikoselsky Village and Ruzhany Village Council of Deputies, respectively.
  5. Pruzhany District Council of Deputies and Pruzhany District Executive Committee:
    1. to take other measures to implement this decision;
    2. to send materials in the prescribed manner to the National Cadastral Agency Scientific and Production State Republican Unitary Enterprise for amendments to the unified register of administrative-territorial and territorial units of the Republic of Belarus.
  6. This decision takes effect after its official publication.

Chairman S.D. Ashmyantsev

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