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Looking for any information about Vasily Korogvich (Korogwicz) and Vasily Gladun. They moved from the village of Kleshchi, Ivanovo district probably to Canada or Great Britain in 1944.
Our Grandfather was born in 1919, his father’s name Nikifor. He left here a son Nikolay (born 1942) and a daughter Nina (born 1944), sister Maria (born 1930).

On the picture: Vasily Korogvich and Vasily Gladun in 1948.
Brest, Belarus

Looking for any relatives of Nikolay Krasney who went to South America in the beginning of 20th century. He was born in the village of Khomichi, Bereza district. His father's name Anton, sister's name Marfa. Thank you!

Looking for relatives in USA. Brothers Semyon and Kazimir Kumishcha (Kumiszcza) moved to USA in 1918-1919. Semyon was born in 1881, Kazimir was born in 1883. They were born in the village of Shemetovo, Sventyansky uezd, Vilna gubernia, Belarus (Russian Empire at that time). Their father's name was Petr, mother's name - Anna. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Eduard, the son of their younger brother.

Looking for Maksim Kutasevich. His father Nikolai Kutasevich moved to Canada in 1930s from Zarechie, Bereza district. Nikolai died in 1980.

Looking for Kalandarov. He leaved from Azerbaijan to USA. It was a "looking for" message in newspaper from him in 1992. His brother died of heart attack when he read the message. We didn't find that newspaper later to contact our relatives.

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