In accordance with Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of May 5, 1998 "On Administrative-Territorial Division and the Procedure for Solving Issues of the Administrative-Territorial Structure of the Republic of Belarus" I RESOLVE:

  1. To transfer the villages of Anisimovichi, Borovtsy, Zvezdnaya, Uznogi, part of the agro-town of Rusino and parts of the villages of Antonovo, Girovo, Dubovo, Bolshaya Kolpenitsa, Malaya Kolpenitsa, Priozernaya, Yanovo of the Baranovichi district to the administrative subordination of the Baranovichi city Council of Deputies and the executive committee.
  2. Change the boundaries of the city of Baranavichy and the Baranovichi district to include land plots with a total area of 3.044.0139 hectares in the city limits of Baranavichy, including:
    • 1995.9507 ha - land of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs according to Appendix 1;
    • 930.5673 hectares - lands of rural settlements with land plots of citizens according to Appendix 2;
    • 89.4607 ha - lands of the Baranovichi City Executive Committee;
    • 0.8501 hectares of land of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
    • 27.1851 hectares - lands of the reserve of the Baranovichi district.
  3. Baranovichi City and District Executive Committees, the State Property Committee to take measures to implement this Decree, including to provide maximum assistance to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the land plots of which are included in the city line of the city of Baranavichy, in carrying out the necessary legal actions, due to the issuance of this Decree.
  4. This Decree shall enter into force one month after its official publication.

President of the Republic of Belarus A.Lukashenko

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