Location in
Brest Region

Transliteration from Russian: Rechitsa, transliteration from Belorussian: Rechytsa.

Name on Russian: Речица.

Name on Belorussian: Рэчыца.

Name on Latin Belorussian: Rečyca.

The village of Rechitsa does not exist at present time. The village merged to Brest in 1968.

According to historical information, folvark of Rechitsky appeared between 1566 and 1588: on December 27, 1571, the Grand Duke Chancellor considered the complaint of the Rechitsa Voit. In the XIX century, the village and the estate were part of the Kosichi parish of Brest county, in 1905 there were 440 inhabitants. Since 1879, the Shirma brewery (20 workers) was operating in the village, and the Taube brewery (19 workers) was on the estate. In 1930, the poselok of Rechitsa appeared on the site of the estate. Until 1959, the village was the center of the village council. In 1959, the village merged with the poselok and entered the Kleinikovsky village council. Currently, these are the streets of Brest - Rechitskaya, Writer Smirnov, Shkolnaya, etc.

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