Tarando Family

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Tarando Family

Post by Edward Tarando » 27 Aug 2007, 19:13

Good Day to Everyone on the Site,
With great pleasure I've found this site of international community exchanging infos and helping to each others.
Therefore I would like to post my info regarding my search for ancestors - family name Tarando.
1. My grand-grand parents lived in ZILUPE and RIGA - LATVIJA. My father born in 1931 in Drohichin Poleski - where his father Mieczyslaw Tarando was chief on raiway station there.(around 1930-till 1947) My father's mother family name was Adamczyk. She lived somewhere aroun Drohichin.
2. I am sure we have relatives in St.Petersburg, Thomsk, Moscow and perhaps in other pleaces in former CCCP (ZSRR) area.
3. We have relatives in Riga as well
We lost contact with them after II WW.
White Pages of Phone Records from those areas are not available in Poland, where we are living now.
4. Whoever would be able to assist - I am looking form my roots and learn about my family history.
5. Perhaps someone knows from where Tarando-s had came to former Russia ? I believe it is an Italian family name (?) It is very rare family name in this area. Many thanks in advance.

Edward Tarando / PL /
PS. russian, polish, english, portuguese - very welcome

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