Kolesnikowicz family of Lipniki untill 1939

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Tom Kolesnikowicz
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Kolesnikowicz family of Lipniki untill 1939

Post by Tom Kolesnikowicz » 01 Dec 2001, 23:44

I am looking for anyone that may have information on my families village of Lipniki which was in Poland untill the Second World War when it became part of the USSR and now Belarus. I am still hoping for information about family members or pictures etc of the village then and now. Lipniki was about 30kms from Pinsk.
My family were removed by the Russian Army in the spring of 1940 and moved by train to a labour camp in a forested area north of Pinsk.
Any information would be appreciated.

My fathers name was Gregory his brothers name is Nick and they had three sisters Nadine Mary and Lydia. Their fathers name was Onufrey and their mothers name was Anastasia.

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Sergei Zhukovich
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Re: Kolesnikowicz family of Lipniki untill 1939

Post by Sergei Zhukovich » 14 Feb 2002, 23:49

Your relatives are found in Lipniki. Addresses of Anastasia's sister and Onufrey's nephew were sent you by email.

Lorraine Joseph
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Re: Kolesnikowicz family of Lipniki untill 1939

Post by Lorraine Joseph » 05 Oct 2009, 18:01

Hello Tom,

I have Kolesnikowicz as a maiden name and you may have heard from members of my family here in Australia before..
I dont think that we are related but I found an interesting article with picture posted only recently on the internet.
The names of three girls..Lidia, Maria and Nadjieja Kolesnikowicz are listed as arriving in US 1946.

http://www.polishmission.com/newsflash/ ... higan.html

I looked at ancestry.com [which had been used to gather information] and found on the boarder paperwork that they were from Lipniki and born April 1930 Maria and Lidia and August 1932 for Nadjzieja.
There are many Lipnikis but the story of their evacuation is similar to your family story.
I wish you luck but if not related, it is wonderful to see these stories of survival.
nee Kolesnikowicz

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