Oschlinan/ Mozyr

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Faltin, Dirk
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Oschlinan/ Mozyr

Post by Faltin, Dirk » 02 Jun 2004, 19:12

I found the placename Oschlinan, Mozyr district, Russia given in a document of my Grandfather. Yet, I cannot locate this village or settlement Oschlinan. The document is in German and the spelling may be different. Thanks

Sharon Klein
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Re: Oschlinan/ Mozyr

Post by Sharon Klein » 04 Jun 2004, 14:48

JewishGen has a great tool for just this problem. Go to the webpage below, type Oschlinan in the "town name" box and leave all of the other settings as they are. You'll get several results. Hopefully one is the correct town. Good luck!


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