information about sosinowicz's family

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Jorge G Sosinowicz
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information about sosinowicz's family

Post by Jorge G Sosinowicz » 17 Sep 2002, 22:56

i am looking for anyone that may have information on my families village of boschnya which was in Poland untill the Second World War when it became part Belarus. I am still hoping for information about family members or pictures etc of the village then and now.
my grandfather was leaving in boschnya until 1927 or 1929.
Any information would be appreciated.

belinda Sosinowicz
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Re: information about sosinowicz's family

Post by belinda Sosinowicz » 27 May 2009, 23:11

Glad you are still looking! I google every so often.
My Dad died on Christmas day, so my link has now gone. I didn;t find any papers to give me more info about his life in Belarus. One day i guess i will have to go there myself and try to trace something.
My dad i think was affected by post traumaic Stress- from the war. he never really talked about 'hone' and not in any way we could really trust. We believe now that he may have been Jewish, but as a child had to hide this from the authorities, so that at the ancient age of 92 when he died he had no recall ( or saud so) of it!

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