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I will wish to obtain the act of dispartion and birth certificate of my maternal great grandparents and their two daughters died in the
ghetto of Brest Litovsk November 23, 1941 :

Kamieniecki , Zelman born 1872 In kobryn and his wife Kamieniecka Chaja Leja born 1874
Kamenetzky Ester ELKE born 02/09/1896 оn Brest litowsk

Kamieniecka Zelda Born 1905 оn Brest litowsk

Kamieniecki PINIA

What is the procedure to follow ? or to which governments
Should I turn to for these documents?
If you have any information (grocery shop), you can contact me at the following address :

My grandfather born in BREST LITOWSK PRUZAN 22/10/1898. His profession was a tailor in this town; If you have any information about my grandfather (tailor shop), contact me

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