eliashuk / laszuk?

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eliashuk / laszuk?

Post by Darcie Henderson » 23 Sep 2008, 03:30

My great grandfather stated he was from Berezowka. Russia & Poland. Mostly claimed Russia on papers.

His name was Jakim Eliashuk - americanized spelling.

I have not located his actual ellis island papers nor Bremen Papers. He came over to America in 1912.

For a while I beleived he was from Berezowka, PL just outsite Brest. But it not really a family dwelling.

The only surname I have found close enough is Osujuk and Onanczuk from Borisowka and Iljukiewicz from Vereszowice (which is similar to his wife's birth place "surname Proskrobko" of Walchowyzce)

I recently though Laszuk may be a possible surname, but have not found any travel records to show true to fact.

From my g grandfathers passport papers, he came back over to Berezowka to look for his family who went up missing, or unheard from. Jakim Eliashuk (SR) and I beleive his mothers name was Dominika.

He met Jadwiga Proskrobko in 1922, 4 months after ariving in PL to find his family, then married and had their first tchild in Poland then came back to America in 1923.

Any help is appreciated.

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