Dokuchic family - Malech

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Dokuchic family - Malech

Post by Carole Byrd Dokuchic » 03 Feb 2008, 03:47

Alex (Malech, Belarus posted a message looking for Dokuchic family MICHAIL DOKUCHIC,left Belarus 1905.

Sergei left a message for Alex saying, "I have message from Jane Dokuchic. Your e-mail does not respond.

MY PATERNAL GRANDFATHER WAS Mikhail Dokuchic from the village of Malech, province of Grodnenskoy, District Pruzhany. FATHER-IVAN from Berdiansk, Tavrtchesky? His brothers were Maksim Ivanovich, Nikolai Pavlovich, other relatives Semen Pavlov Dokuchik, and Vlamdimir Danilov
The spelling on the documents to Canada had various spellings: DOKUCHITS being listed in the Canadian archives. Michael Dukochic lived most of his life in Fort William, Ontario (now Thunder Bay Ontario.
I tried to send an e-mail to Alex (original post ) but could not reach him - the em-mail address did not work.

ALEX - PLEASE E-MAIL ME. I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH LOTS OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE MICHAEL DOKUCHIC FAMILY. He fathered 10 children, and his brother Maksim fathered 13 children.

Hopefully someone will get a message to Alex.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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