Searching for former pow or forced laborers in Norway during ww2

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Michael Stokke
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Searching for former pow or forced laborers in Norway during ww2

Post by Michael Stokke » 06 Jan 2004, 01:13

Dear all
I am looking for former pow or civil forced laborers that were sent to Norway during ww2.
I am collecting histories and information to a book about all soviet pow and civil workers who were at the westcoast of Norway. I have worked five years on that now.

I have names of lots of pow in cyrillic. And I found some names of civil women, but the germans wrote the names and the places as they liked, so it is difficult to find these women. I am specifically looking for 30-40 women, 14 of them were killed on a ship 21.02.45. There is lacking information of the names of these dead women and a tv-documentary that are going to be made now.

I thought that many of these were from Grodna region, now that I have found your excellent site with names of all villages in Brest oblast, it is easy to search. Very nice work! Now I think that many of them are from Brest region. I have some names and I will put them here together with the german spelling of the russian names and places. And my guessing of them.

Is it possible to ask at the State archives of Brest region about this? DO you think that they will answer me? I have date of birth on some of them.

Maybe someone of you could help me in making this names and places back to cyrillic?

This is from an article that I want to send to several newpapers in Vitebsk, Grodna and Brest oblast. Do you know of any newspapers in Brest oblast that covers the whole region?

Berkun, Sofie from Viesoks, maybe Vysokoye, Brest oblast
Leuker, Marie Viesoks, maybe Vysokoye, Brest oblast
Schlemin, Maria Tsjepielavo
Schyko, Olga possibly Sjutko or Zjukov. 06.02.25. Lyski, maybe Luzhki, Vitebsk oblast or Liski in Brest oblast.

Born in 1924:
Bebiolo Julia from Lenzevitskij
Braytschuk, Alma Visjevo
Dzebroda, Zinaida Lancevieg
Gajdas Maria Nacoka, maybe Neckatovo, Stolin raion, Brest oblast
Meslenik Julo Nackovo, maybe Neckatovo, Stolin raion, Brest obl.
Michalcik, Maria Novoselki, maybe north of Bobrik, Lida raion, Grodno obl., also three similar places in Brest oblast.
Rusak, Olga, probably dead 21.02.45 Saymitsje
Sewekuta, Nadia Starki
Trus, Marie Derevenev
Vlasik Vera Babynitsje

Specific date of birth in 1924:
Karmann, Maria 22.08.24 from Luojoeci
Machamet, Vera 18.01.24 Nackovo, probably Neckatovo, Stolin raion, Brest obl.
Miekiria, Zinaida,19.09.24 Dzebroda
Schehalay, Teofil,29.08.24 Lenzevitskij
Vorobey, Euginia,22.06.24 Voinilovtisj
Gukalo Stephanie 23.11.23 Kurilovskij
Piatko Nina, 25.03.24 Nackovo, maybe Neckatovo, Stolin raion, Brest obl.
Rusak Maria Saymitsje
Skok Zinaida Podlesje

Thank you very much for any help!

If I can help you with a search for any pow or civil forced laborer in the former Sovietunion, let me know. I know a lot about many camps and can help finding people knowing more, especially about the camps in the north. Also almost all names of the pow and civil forced laborers that were repatriated to the Sovietunion are on internet.

Some info in russian, mostly in norwegian at my homepage,
SOrry for the pop-up. A history in russian at "fangehistorier 2", scroll down.

Kind regards

Michael Stokke
Bergen, Norway

Sharon Klein
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Re: Searching for former pow or forced laborers in Norway during ww2

Post by Sharon Klein » 07 Jan 2004, 20:04

Sounds like an interesting project. I wish I could say I had information for you but instead I was hoping to take you up on your offer to search for an ancestor.

My grandfather had a cousin Gashon/Gershon SZNAJDER who lived in Brest-Litovsk and supposedly escaped from a Russian labor camp. According to the story, he met his future wife while traveling westward across Europe and her fluency in several languages is what got them safely from country to country until they caught a ship to the US. It would be nice to prove the story. He was Jewish if that makes a difference. He probably would have been born between 1910-1915 and the escape was probably in the early 1930s but I can't be sure.

Thanks for any help or tips on how I can get information.

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