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Posted: 18 Jun 2002, 09:16
by Basia
These are exceptional maps of the Brest region.

Are similar maps available for other regions of Belarus, especially the Minsk region??

Re: Maps

Posted: 19 Jun 2002, 08:25
by Sergei Zhukovich
Thank you!
Sorry, there are no online maps like this one for other regions of Belarus.

Re: Maps

Posted: 19 Jun 2002, 08:27
by Basia
Thank you.

Could I then ask what the source of these maps is?
Are they available anywhere in printed form??

Best wishes for your excellent work,

Re: Maps

Posted: 06 Jul 2002, 17:30
by Lavrentiy Krupniak
Hello Basia, The US Library of Congress has several excellent map series covering Belarus. The old Russian, Prussian maps and Polish maps are excellent (i.e., great scales). Soviet Union maps are also available.