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Post by Nancy » 25 Sep 2007, 19:08

My grandfather came to the US from the Belarus region. His American name was MERKOUSKO. He might be from Psychchevo area. The spelling of the name was changed at Ellis Island, but if you recognize what is might be-please email me. We need the REAL name to find our family members. Thanks

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Re: Grandfather

Post by Hania » 26 Sep 2007, 22:13

Greetings Serhej,

This is what Nancy gave me as place of origin for Grandfather, Boris Merkousko. He was Pravoslawny, settling in Chicago IL. There
has been some difficulty locating his immigration
records. Nancy is convinced that the surname
is not accurate.

My grandfather-Boris Merkousko (Not correct spelling-changed in US)
City-Kobrinksy Urisd (Unrisd)
County-Wolost Dlulieloska
P. O. - Post Evenouow
Village-Wierevana Penuhne

My response :
Grodno Gubernia
Kobrin uyezd
Ivanova/Janova district
selo Pnyukhi (merged into Psyshchevo).

Today selo Pnyukhi, merged into Psyshchevo??? > Brestkaya Voblast > Belarus.

Is there anyway to check phone numbers or surnames in immediate area? Can you recommend someone, who can help Nancy? She is
willing to pay for the help.

Thank you in advance!

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