Looking for relatives in Sulichevo

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Delila Wolkowski
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Looking for relatives in Sulichevo

Post by Delila Wolkowski » 17 Dec 2004, 17:09

I'm looking for any living relatives or friends
of my family who lived in Sulichevo.
Chomiez, Antoni (my grandfather)
Kiovetz, Katarzyna (my grandmother)
immigrated to Canada in 1927-28 and lived in Rama, Saskatchewan
Chomiez, Antoni Sr. and Antonia (Helena)(my great grandparents)
Kiovetz, Alexi and Polaya (my great grandparents)
Any information can be forwarded to me at:
Delila Wolkowski
25 Inglewood Grove SE
Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2G 5R4
telephone number 1-403-294-0503

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Re: Looking for relatives in Sulichevo

Post by mario » 21 Jul 2005, 17:10

I'm looking for relatives too. My granfather's name was Chomiez, Charzton and I don't know anything about him. Perhaps you know something about the Chomiez family.

Thank you.

Sue Bogatko
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Re: Looking for relatives in Sulichevo

Post by Sue Bogatko » 29 Jul 2005, 03:13

No sorry can't help. Have you tried Ukraine.com? Good luck. Regards Sue

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Re: Looking for relatives in Sulichevo

Post by Hania » 01 Jun 2006, 20:27

Today village Sulychevo still exists > Drohychinskij raion/district > Brest Oblast/Region > Belarus, latest zip code is 225859. If you still want to reconnect to surviving family in Belarus consider either getting a local to make a personal search for you or you can write the Village Administrator Golova Silskoji Rady and inquire directly. Communicating in Russian is ideal. In order to expedite response, include an int'l postal coupon in your letter. This can be purchased at your local post ofc.
c. Суличево
Дрогичинский р-н
Брестская область
Беларус 225859

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