Ancestors from Brest

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Sharon Klein
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Ancestors from Brest

Post by Sharon Klein » 08 May 2003, 20:41

One branch of my family emigrated from Brest to the US in the 1920s. My gg-grandfather is Morris Schneider (Moishe Sznajder) came to the US in 1911 for a while with his brother Samuel. They were living in Paterson, NJ. Morris returned to his wife and children (and had more children) in Brest before returning to the US in 1922. My gg-grandmother, Jennie (Sheine) and the children emigrated in 1928. They lived in NJ for a few years and them moved to Brooklyn. Jennie's maiden name is listed on her death certificate as Tucker. It appears that members of her family used the name Tucker in the US. It may have been Toker or Tokar originally. Their children are Meyer, Solomon, Ray(f), Lily & Sarah (twins, Sarah didn't live long?), and Max. Solomon is my grandfather. I know he has a cousin Gershon Sznajer who escaped from a Russian labor camp and came to the US. Rumor has it that several cousins were victims of the Holocaust, maybe in the Brest ghetto or its liquidation.

Please e-mail if any of this sounds familiar.

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Re: Ancestors from Brest

Post by Hania » 18 Jun 2003, 13:34

You should be able to find immigration records for Brest Jews (1929-1939 Polish Alijah Passports to Palistine) @Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw Poland. There is also a list of city residents who went abroad in 1936-1937. This can be located @Brest Oblast Archives. Additionally Holocaust Records for Brest are held in Moscow @the State Archives of the Russian Federation.

All details on this link. Good Luck!

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