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ww 1 refuguee camp site

Posted: 12 Mar 2003, 08:10
by wayne potrebenko
My great grandfather died in 1916 in a camp fleeing from pozeshin village. I am told he died in Novo Yurevo, Kozlowskom Uyezde, Tambowskaya. Anyone know about this place or its location?

Re: ww 1 refuguee camp site

Posted: 19 Apr 2003, 20:30
by Sergei Zhukovich
The village of Novoyurevo (population 2200) is located now in Staroyurevo district, Tambov region (oblast), Russia. You can find it on Tambov region map ( then click on top-left part of the map to see detailed map. You will find Novoyurevo in bottom-right corner of this map. It's spelled as Novojuryevo on it.)