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town search

Posted: 29 Dec 2002, 18:26
I am trying to track my grandfather, found someone with his name from the Ellis Island site--with a residence listed as "Moleziad." I'm told he came from Minsk, entered this country in @1905 as a deserter from the Russian army. Figured I could verify his identity with a geographic location--have checked the obvious resources around Minsk with no luck! Any clues?? Thanks!

Re: town search

Posted: 13 Jun 2003, 14:47
by Sharon Klein
Have you tried the ShtetlSeeker on I didn't get any results on an exact spelling but searching using the DM-Soundex will give you some possible alternative spellings. I only got one hit for Belarus. It's worth a try regardless of whether or not your ancestor is Jewish. Good luck!

Re: town search

Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 13:47
by Sergei Zhukovich
LINDA FISCHER wrote: 29 Dec 2002, 18:26 with a residence listed as "Moleziad."
Perhaps it must be Molcziad. It likes a Polish spelling (Mołchadz) of the town of Molchad in Baranovichi district. ... 982&lng=en