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by Sherri
29 Dec 2016, 04:02
Forum: Looking for relatives in Brest Region
Topic: Surnames Jelisenko, Pinchukow, Matushkov
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Surnames Jelisenko, Pinchukow, Matushkov

Hello, We are looking for any Jelisenko, Pinchukow or Matushkov, family members in possibly the Brest region, Baranovichi District, Gorodishche town. Peter Jelisenko (born 1896) immigrated to the US with his family in 1951. His wife was Ahafia Matushkov and her parents were Nikolai Matushkov and Ann...
by Sherri
06 Dec 2009, 23:07
Forum: Looking for relatives in Brest Region
Topic: Nichik Pilipchuk Sergeyevna Surnames
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Nichik Pilipchuk Sergeyevna Surnames

Looking for any information on the the surnames Nichik, Pilipchuk or Sergeyevna. They were originally from the Brest region, Kobrin district, in the small village of Podzemenie. Trofim Nichik was born in 1900. His wife was Donna Pilipchuk and they had one son Vasily Nichik (born in 1927). They were ...