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Julia Daker   (Dunfermline, Scotland)
Still looking for any information on a small town called Karcz, nr Maloryta, Brest. My father was born there in 1925. His family became scattered in the war and we do not know if the place still exists - it does not appear on any maps.
Sergei: This village was located between Malorita and the village of Zburazh. It not exists now.

Jan Siedlecki   (Scotland)
Searching for information on the Siedlecki family.My father born in Brest 1919,My grandfather Jan Siedlecki my grandmother Anna Siedlecka and my uncle Jozef.Any information please.
Jan Siedlecki.

Merje Metsoja   (Tartu,Estonia)
Im looking for my aunt Aino Vetrova(father name Pjotr)- born in 14 May 1942. She has son Viktor. Last news about her was 19 years back. In this time she lived village called Oryol.

Vilson Olipa (Oлипа)   (Mamborê, Brazil)
Hello! Thank you for the help in finding my relatives in Belarus. My grandfather had left Brest Region (Poland that time), in 1928. Thanks a lot!

Steven Kuras   (Bruce, Wisconsin, USA)
Looking for any info on my grandfather named Frank Marchuk, born Feb. 12,1985 in Kobrin and came to US in about 1903. Anyone knowing of people from this city would be welcome to hear from any one about this. Thank you

Denise   (brazil)
In Brazil have cities of polish, ukraine, belarus, etc. If you look the telephonic list of Curitiba and other nears cities of curitiba, maybe you see your surname correct, maybe "in portoghese"!!! sorry for may english!

yuriy   (Ukraine. Zhytomir)
The Relatives emigrated in Argentina and Brasilia after 1-y world war. The Brothers of my grandmother. The Surname YAcenko. Lived in ZHitomirskoy area, Emilichinskiy rayon. much shall pleased any information
Родственники эмигрировали в Аргентину и Бразилию после 1-й мировой войны. Братья моей бабушки. Фамилия Яценко. Проживали в Житомирской области, Емильчинский район. очень буду рад любой информации

Joyce Weaver   
My grandparents came to New York in 1900-1902 from Wisoke-Litovsk, now Vysokoye, Belarus. My grandfather changed his name from Shmuel Ber DAIBOG to Sam FEINBERG. All documents found so far identify his father as Ovsei or Shia (both equivalent to Joshua/ Yehoshua). I have been unable to learn anything about Ovsei/Shia other than that his wife was Rachel GRINBERG. He would have been born early enough to have children by 1859. Does anyone recognise these names?

Aiga Alksne   (Latvia,Ventspils)
I am looking for family Denisjuk from Brest.I have photo where is Alkesandra and Viktor Denisjuk and they have 8 children.One of them Vladimir Denisjuk (was born 22nd of January,1888 )married with Lizete Elizabete Denisjuk(Simane)They was my granmother parents.Maybe somebody know about 7 children more..I had photo and it is took about 1900 y.in Brest.
1.Julia Denisjuk(latest info married with Artiss -3 child -Vala,Lida,Peko, after war stay in station Znamenka)
2.Leonid (was in army ...)
3.Vladimir(my grandmother father,he was in station telegraphist ,latest work on ship Pecora and then in work in Latvia)
4.Konstantin (teacher)
5.Sofija(she was teacher,her husband also teacher ,live in Brest)
Mother Aleksandra (was Polish nobleman daughter,after 1st war live in Brest)
6.Aleksandr (dead after war)
Father Viktor (railway track controler)
7.Nikolai(was teacher)
8.Pavil(raillway station director in Brest,later Moscow station director,daughter Tatjana,Sona dead)
I will be thankfull if some send me some information about this family.

Irina   (Ukraine, Kiev)
I'm looking for my ancestors in Canada. My great-grandfather's brother SAVESCUL Ivan emigrated to Canada in approx.1918-1920. There was a letter from him in 1946 to his brother SAVESCUL Semen who was living at that time in Pervomaisk Nikolayev district. But this letter was done away because of Stalin repression. I want to know some information about my relatives.

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Total messages: 328

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