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nora cristina graña de ismael   (rawson-chubut-argentina)
Busco familiares : Smol',Lawrentyi(lewnty).Viajó Hamburgo- Argentina 1910.nacido:zona Brest litovsky: Podbolot'ye 10 agosto 1893.Madre: Parjos,Anna nacida kameniec litovsky.Padre:Smol',Filimon o Samuel.Hermanos:Crispina y Anton.Católicos.Zirovici.Gracias,Nora.

Ольга   (Kazakhstan)
Ищу Минчик Светлану Владимировну она жила раньше в деревне Гляденье Ивацевического района. Её Дедушку звали Амбросий и бабушку Мария,отец Владимир Амбросьевич и мама Валентина, если кто знает напишите пожалуста.
Looking for Mintschik Svetlana Vladimirovna, she had lived in the village of Glyadenie, Ivatsevichi district. Her grandfather's name was Ambrose and his grandmother Mary, father Vladimir Ambrosevich and mother, Valentina, if anyone knows please write.

Richard   (Deutschland)
Search someone in Baranovicz lives and me to help can. My father Peter Parasevic born 24.06.1922 originated from Baranovicz the way of writing of the name is before the war Parasewitsch or Parasiewitsch gewessen be-being mine grandmother from Baranovicz was called bar man Lydia my Grandpa was married schmied and this to have in Smolensk. My father had allegedly still brothers and sisters who it never more saw. Allegedly it was 1939 with his cousin Peter Stegmann(lebte in Frankreich)als student for language and mathematics in France as the war broke out. Who knows something about this family from Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitsch thanks in advance the Richard Parasevic
Поиск кто-то в Baranovicz живет и я, котор нужно помочь могу. Мой отец Peter Parasevic принесенное 24.06.1922, котор возникли от Baranovicz дорога сочинительства имени прежде чем война Parasewitsch или Parasiewitsch gewessen быть-byt6 бабушкой шахты от Baranovicz было вызвано человеком Lydia штанги было поженено мое, котор Grandpa schmied и это для того чтобы иметь в smolensk. Мой отец имел allegedly все еще братьев и сестер он никогда больше не видел. Allegedly он был 1939 с его кузеном Peter Stegmann(lebte в студенте Frankreich)als для языка и математики в Франции по мере того как война сломало вне. Знает что-то о этой семье от спасибо Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitsch заранее richard Parasevic
La recherche quelqu'un dans Baranovicz vit et j'à aider peut. Mon père Peter Parasevic soutenu 24.06.1922 provenus de Baranovicz la manière de l'écriture du nom est avant que la guerre Parasewitsch ou Parasiewitsch gewessen être-être grand-mère de mine de Baranovicz se soit appelée l'homme Lydia de barre que mon grand-papa était marié schmied et ceci pour avoir à Smolensk. Mon père avait toujours prétendument les frères et les soeurs qu'il plus n'a jamais vus. Prétendument il était 1939 avec son cousin Peter Stegmann(lebte dans l'étudiant de Frankreich)als pour la langue et les mathématiques en France car la guerre a éclaté. Qui sait quelque chose au sujet de cette famille des mercis de Baranovicz - de Baronovitch - de Baranowitsch à l'avance le Richard Parasevic

Richard   (Deutschland)
Сехр геехрте ,
сие варен им лецтен Яхр мит еинер Делегатион аус Барановицч ин Деуцчланд.
Беи диесе Делегатион вар еин Херр Парасевис дабеи.
Ич хеиßе Ричард Парасевис меин Ватер хиеß Петер Парасевис геборен ам 24.6.1922 ин Барановитч.
Меин Ватер хатте ноч Гесчвистер унд андере Верванте ин Лыхаковитч.Меин Гроßватер хиеß Александер Парасевис геборен а9.8.1897 ин Киев.Меине Гроßмуттер хиеß Лыдиа Стегманн геборен 8.9.1899 ин Барановитч.Кöннен Сие мир беи меинен Форсчунген веитерхелфен?Меин Соусин Петер Стегманн лебтт ин Франкреич унд сучт нач ден Гесчвистерн сеинес Ватерс Петер Стегманн геборен 1923 ин Лыхаковитчи дие Намен синд Фрасина,унд валентина,дие Муттер хиеß Анна унд дер Ватер иван Стегманн.
Вир вäрен üбер Ихрен Контакт унд Ихре хилфе сехр ерфреут.
Битте хелфен Сие унс
Груß аус Деуцчланд унд Франкреич
Ричард Парасевис унд Пиерре Стегманн

Deborah Carnick   (Del Mar, CA)
We descendants of and are searching for family members or information about family from Brest Litovsk:
Rabbi Judah Lieb- late 1800's
Judah Lieb had a daughter Debi or Deborah
Deborah Lieb married Aaron Gelfend, they had 5 children: Esthel, Max, Betty, Izzy and Morris. Deborah died about 1918, everyone else immigrated to the USA.
Deborah had relatives:
Jack and Payah Steinberg- moved to Pittsburgh
Spia and Bernard Mitchell- immigrated to New York
Leon Pesses-immigrated to Los Angeles
Anyone have any connections to this family?

Pierre lekowice   (France)
l' hope makes live
Hello everyone. As noticed in my posts preceding, there is a problême of translator. Who would be in measurement of m' to help to find the stegmann family, spakow, stepanov of Lekowice, baranowice, velikie luki. Large father yvan, and large mother ass, newborns in the années1920 at 1930, piotr (pétia), Fédor, frasinia, valentina. This Russian or Belorusse or Ukrainian family? would be d' country origin and the war of 1939 to 1945 completely dispersed this family. Pierre

Virginia Kuzmicki   (London, England)
My Dad, Adam Kuzmicki, was born in Szereszow, Pruzhany District in 1923. He had a brother Jozef and another brother and sister. I now know that his Dad was Iwan and mother Olga
Would anyone know about life in Szereszow in 1939?
Does anyone know the Kuzmicki family?

david   (Holland)
I am searching for someone from Belarus.
Does someone knows Lodmela Stepanovna. She did lives in the city Brest, she had an sun called Wares Farhat, he was born in 1983. I dont no were they life now.Can someone helps me.
Sergei: David, it's not enough information for searching. Lodmela Stepanovna (Lyudmila Stepanovna) - this is her name and father's name. Do you know her surname?

Alex    (Malech,Belarus)
I can't to connect with you-your email adress doesn't respond.My email has been published on a site with an error.If you have new email,write me please.
Sergei: Alex, I've sent you an email. Please, check your mailbox.

Mary   (Canada)
Looking for information on a village -possibly Hajkiwka (or Majkiwak)in the dristrict of Kobryn
Sergei: I think you are talking about the village of Gaikovka in Kobrin district. It's located at a distance of about 20 km to south-south-west from Kobrin.

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Total messages: 322

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