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Trying to find out how to go about researching births/families from Poland in the 1820s.
Also military records as the family I'm researching for had a father and two sons in the military.
Thank you

Daniel Karpenchuk   (Canada)
Looking for any links to family Karpinczyk or Karpynczyk in village of Malecz or Malech in the Brest region of Belarus. My father was born there an emigrated to Canada in the early 1920's. His name was Demyan Karpynczyk (or Karpinczyk) His father's name was Luke

Sherri   (Philadelphia USA)
I am looking for any information on the the Nichik family. They were originally from the Brest region, near Kobrin in the small village of Podzemenie. Trofim Nichik was born in 1900. His wife was Donna Pilipchuk and they had one son Vasily Nichik (born in 1927). They were captured by the Germans during WWII and Emigrated to the US. Trofim had a brother who remained in Podzmenie. Would like to chat with anyone who has information on the family. Thanks!

Lorraine   (US)
Great site, keep up the good work!

JAIME FREITAG   (Passo Fundo RS Brasil)
Procura de Familiares
Estou a procura de familiares de meu pai Henrique Freitag,filho de Abraão Freitag e de Bela ou Belia Freitag neto materno de Jacob Carper e Dora Carper imigrou para o Brazil na década de 20 - teria saído do porto de Bremem.

Daniel Pablo Chilievich   (Barcelona, España)
Добры дзень, гледзячы на мае карані, я знайшоў, што ў Рэспубліцы Беларусь, Брэсцкая вобласць, памёр там у 1920 г. Іван Пятровіч CHILIEVICH, мой дзед быў названы Поль CHILIEVICH і меў двух дачок нарадзіліся там, Соф'я і Марыя, на думку майго бацькі горад (або сяло) з GROHISKA м або дзеда быў названы GROSNIKA, і было б вялікай радасцю даведацца, некаторыя з маіх продкаў. Мая Абэль Argentna пераехала ў перыяд паміж 1917 і 1920, і я думаю, што мой acllas добра напісана, хаця ў порце запісы з прозвішчам фанетычным пачуў гэта, але, можа быць, CHILIEVICH быць напісаны па-рознаму. Любая дапамога будзе горача прывітацца. ДЗЯКУЙ

Hello, looking for my roots, I found that in Belarus, Brest region, died there by 1920 IVAN CHILIEVICH PETROVICH, my grandfather was named Paul CHILIEVICH and had two daughters born there, Sophia and Maria, according to my father the town (or village) of m GROHISKA or grandfather was named GROSNIKA and would be a great joy to know some of my ancestors. My Abel moved to Argentna between 1917 and 1920 and I think my acllas well written, although in the port records with the surname phonetically heard him say so but maybe CHILIEVICH be written differently. Any help will be warmly welcomed. THANKS

Hola, buscando mis raíces, he encontrado que en Belarus, Brest región, falleció allá por 1920 CHILIEVICH IVAN PETROVICH, mi abuelo se llamaba PABLO CHILIEVICH y tenía dos hijas nacidas allí, SOFIA Y MARIA, segun mi padre el pueblo (o aldea)de m abuelo se llamaba GROHISKA o GROSNIKA y sería una gran alegria saber algo de mis antepasados. Mi abelo emigró a Argentna entre 1917 y 1920 y creo que mi aellido se escribe asi, aunque en el puerto los registraban con el apellido como lo oían así que fonéticamente se dice CHILIEVICH pero quizas se escriba distinto. Cualquier ayuda será muy bien bienvenida. GRACIAS

nora cristina graña de ismael   (rawson-chubut-argentina)
Busco familiares : Smol',Lawrentyi(lewnty).Viajó Hamburgo- Argentina 1910.nacido:zona Brest litovsky: Podbolot'ye 10 agosto 1893.Madre: Parjos,Anna nacida kameniec litovsky.Padre:Smol',Filimon o Samuel.Hermanos:Crispina y Anton.Católicos.Zirovici.Gracias,Nora.

. Ÿ , , .
Looking for Mintschik Svetlana Vladimirovna, she had lived in the village of Glyadenie, Ivatsevichi district. Her grandfather's name was Ambrose and his grandmother Mary, father Vladimir Ambrosevich and mother, Valentina, if anyone knows please write.

Richard   (Deutschland)
Search someone in Baranovicz lives and me to help can. My father Peter Parasevic born 24.06.1922 originated from Baranovicz the way of writing of the name is before the war Parasewitsch or Parasiewitsch gewessen be-being mine grandmother from Baranovicz was called bar man Lydia my Grandpa was married schmied and this to have in Smolensk. My father had allegedly still brothers and sisters who it never more saw. Allegedly it was 1939 with his cousin Peter Stegmann(lebte in Frankreich)als student for language and mathematics in France as the war broke out. Who knows something about this family from Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitsch thanks in advance the Richard Parasevic
- Baranovicz , . Peter Parasevic 24.06.1922, Baranovicz Parasewitsch Parasiewitsch gewessen -byt6 Baranovicz Lydia , Grandpa schmied smolensk. allegedly . Allegedly 1939 Peter Stegmann(lebte Frankreich)als . - Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitsch richard Parasevic
La recherche quelqu'un dans Baranovicz vit et j'à aider peut. Mon père Peter Parasevic soutenu 24.06.1922 provenus de Baranovicz la manière de l'écriture du nom est avant que la guerre Parasewitsch ou Parasiewitsch gewessen être-être grand-mère de mine de Baranovicz se soit appelée l'homme Lydia de barre que mon grand-papa était marié schmied et ceci pour avoir à Smolensk. Mon père avait toujours prétendument les frères et les soeurs qu'il plus n'a jamais vus. Prétendument il était 1939 avec son cousin Peter Stegmann(lebte dans l'étudiant de Frankreich)als pour la langue et les mathématiques en France car la guerre a éclaté. Qui sait quelque chose au sujet de cette famille des mercis de Baranovicz - de Baronovitch - de Baranowitsch à l'avance le Richard Parasevic

Richard   (Deutschland)
ß ß 24.6.1922 .
. ß ß 9.8.1897 . ß ß 8.9.1899 .ö ? 1923 , , ß .
ä ü .


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Total messages: 328

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