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Vivian Korolevich   (Ontario, Canada)
I just found this wonderful website - thank you for it.
I'm looking for relatives of my father, Frederick Korolevich (or Korolewicz). He was born in Oniskovichi, Poland/White Russia/Belarus in 1910. He came to Canada in 1930. His father Mathew was also born in Oniskovichi, in 1884. His mother Nada (Nadezda)Pontiliuk was born in Rudate(sp?). He had 3 sisters, Vera, Nina & Mary. He had a cousin named Anton Korolevich who's wife was Anna. They lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had 2 sons, Alexander b.1916 & Vladimir b.1918. Would love to find information about my grandparents, their siblings & parents. Can anyone help? Thanks.

T Peterson   (Racine Wi.)
Looking on the net for a friend . Her name is Valarie. Born Valarie Grimes. Her Mother born Irene Kupsik. went by the names os Janice Merideth. Was supose to have married a man Valaries father a college student by the name of SIDNEY SOKOL out east Valarie born in Los Angeles Ca. SIDNEY was born around 1914. He also was born into another name of Elskelski or some sounding name Like that
Please like info. Thanks

Bogumiła   (Biała Podlaska, Polska)
Witam. Bardzo prosze o pomoc w poszukiwaniu Heleny (Leny) Ryl ur. 1 maja 1926r. w Szebryniu lub jej dzieci i wnuków.Jej mąż to Mikołaj Gajko.Jej rodzice to: Stanisław Ryl i Wiera Akim. Ma brata Michała. W czasie II wojny światowej przebywała na robotach przymusowych w Niemczech.

Pierre   (france)
Happy new year 2011 good health, joys and happiness with your families and friends. Thank you in Serguei, Hannia. While hoping to find in 2011 my family of Russia, Bélarus, Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. j' have good hope and what must arrive will arrive. Pierre de France.

Hannia   (USA)
I would like to wish Serhej, webmaster,
Warmest Wishes for the Best in the New Year!!!
Happy Christmas My Old Friend. Thank you for all the good work you do.
Sergei: Thank you, Hannia!

Rich Bentley   (UK)
Very pleased to see this site, thank you!

Ryll   (Meissen, Germany)
Suche nach vermissten Großtanten! Justine Ryl *26.11.1922 in Lipoviec, Kreis Brest-Litowsk und Irene Ryl *11.09.1925 Neubrow, Kr.Brest-Litowsk. Beide hielten sich zuletzt im Jahr 1945 in Wanenhain, Kr. Posen auf. Seit daher gibt es kein Lebenszeichen mehr. Wer hatt(e) Verbindungen/ Beziehungen zum Ort Wanenhain (heute Diepowic in Polen) und kann mir vieleicht etwas über den Verbleib berichten?

I love the brest region.

Larry Ward   (Fountain Hills, AZ, USA)
Jacob Bernstein emigrated from Kobryn as Jankel Boreschic in 1910 at age 17. Looking for any Belarus info on family. See my earlier posts of March 2010.

Paul Gorecki   (Brisbane, Australia)
I would like to get in contact with members of the Tarnogorski, Tarnogurski, Tarnogórski, (Russian), (Ukrainian)families,also known at times as Grzymala-Tarnogórski. Best wishes, Paul

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Total messages: 322

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