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Selina Lacombe   
gsdlac[the at sign]
My grandfather came to Canada in 1912 (at the age of 16) from the Pinsk area. Family name is TICHONUK - his first name was IGNAT. We know that he had seven siblines (Nazar, Anastasia, Onufri, Sarafim, Walter, Ugania and Maria) and that his parents names were John & Pearl. He recalls coming from a village or area by the name of 'Zishe' or 'Zidche'. Although at one time he thought that one of his brothers had also left for North America, we cannot find any other traces of the Tichonuk name in Canada and only several deceased in the USA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

v-lera[the at sign]
Michael Genshpring searches progeny Raisa Genshpring ( ) (maiden name). Her father - Ion Genshpring, was born in 1868 in Russia in city Astrakhan, Mother - Dveira Gipshman ( , ).
Raisa Genshpring - on a trade the medical assistant. In Russia had 7 brothers. In 1924 has emigrated from USSR in USA with the husband and son. At first lived in Mexico, then she has moved to Texas, where owned bus park.
Per 30 years sent to the relatives in Stalingrad in Russia, parcel through TORGSIN ()
Had two sons v Iosiph (), 1924 of birth and Ilia (), 1934 of birth.
The request everyone, who has any information to write:
Russia, 400066 Volgograds, street. Chuikov, 43-38 for . Genshpring
(, 400066 , . , 43-38 .)
genshpring[the at sign] , v-lera[the at sign]

Chernavchitsy   (Brest)
windfall[the at sign]
Looking for people from CHERNAVCHITSY, BREST REGION:
V avguste 2001 goda derevne Chernavchitsy Brestkogo r-na ispolnyaetsa 500 let so dnja ee osnovanija. Ispolnitelnyj komitet obrashaetsja ko vsem, kto svjazan s d. Chernavchitsy i po vole sud'by okazalsja daleko ot nas, svjazat'sa s nami dlja sbora informazii po izdaniju istoriko- dokumentalnoj knigi.
Nash adress:
225030 Brestskij r-n
Chernavchitskij Selskij sovet
Respublika Belarus
+375(162)94-51-35, +375(162)94-52-01, +375(162)94-51-71.

Marcelo Goland   (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
mgoland[the at sign]
My grandparents left Brest Litovsk in 1931. I would like to contact people who qre related or may know about Goland and Urin family from that city. I would like to receive information about Brest.

Zeb Kantrowitz   (Ashland (Boston) MA)
My grandfather Joseph (Yoseph, Yussel) was born in Brest-Litovsk when it was part of Russian Poland. He left around 1905, but most of the family stayed. The family name may have been Kanterovitch. His fathers name was Herschel. We know they were alive prior to WWII. Some may have escaped to the east after 1939.

Eric POLKOTYCKI   (Toulouse (FRANCE))
eric.polkotycki[the at sign]
My grand father was born at PINSK in 1921; at this time, it was in POLAND.
During the war (in 1939 I think), he was sent in Siberia. After that, he moved in OPOLE (Poland), and then in France in 1960.
He told me many times about a village near Pinsk, Polkotycze (or Polkotichi), with a name that sounds like my family name. That's why I'm locking for people of my family who would be still around Pinsk.
like my family name

Nadia Larsen   (Tucson Arizona)
nadialars[the at sign]
Relatives and or friend who knew my late father Romuald Dabrowski born january 9th 1914 Brzesc nad Bugiem Polesie, went to school in Pochaiv at the Pochaivskaya Lavra (today Ukraine) parents Tomasz Adam and Kazimiera Maria nee Tyszecka.

Mitchell Kotler   (Hayward, CA, USA)
mkotler[the at sign]
I am seeking any information regarding people from or near Baranovichi who emigrated to Argentina or the U.S. before WWII. In particular, the family names of Kotler and Malachowski are of interest.

Frank Kreydich   (oak lawn, il 60454)
k9ofw[the at sign]
Looking for any information about the the names Kreydich or Kreidich and the name Karluk in Belarus from 1885 to about 1905 (when they left Belarus and came to the United States of America)

Alexander (Baliok) Baluk, Jr.   (Skokie,ILLinois,USA)
AGBaluk[the at sign]
We are looking for the Luke Baluk Family members. Last contact from Zakale in the Pinsk, Brest Region.
Sergei: It seems this village was merged to the village of Psyshchevo, Ivanovo district.

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Total messages: 320

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