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Gregory Wiley   (Int'l Falls, MN)
sgwiley[the at sign]northwinds.net
Looking for information on the names Anastasia Wolk or D'Metrook from Kurpichi, Zhabinka District.

Gregory Wiley   (Int'l Falls, MN)
sgwiley[the at sign]northwinds.net
I'm looking for information on surnames Leolich, Nelipovich and Holenko from Horech (Gorech) of the Bereza District.
Sergei: Your relatives were found in Bereza and Poroslovo. Their address was sent to you.

Robert Oglinsky   (Centreville, VA )
rjova[the at sign]aol.com
Looking for any information on the names OGLENCKI, KREMSKI, SZYMANSKA, and SLOWENSKI. Immigration records indicate father came from Rogowo, Russia/Poland and mother came from Glifka.
Thank you in advance for any information

Jean-Pierre Sangin   (Montreal)
sanginjp[the at sign]yahoo.com
I was looking for old Polish villages in Belarus like Kruhowicze (Krugovichi). Are the surnames Songin and Sawosto CO rare in Belarus?
Thank you

Tom Kolesnikowicz   (Nottingham England)
kolesnikowicz[the at sign]hotmail.com
I am looking for anyone that may have information on my families village of Lipniki which was in Poland untill the Second World War when it became part of the USSR and now Belarus. I am still hoping for information about family members or pictures etc of the village then and now. Lipniki was about 30kms from Pinsk.
My family were removed by the Russian Army in the spring of 1940 and moved by train to a labour camp in a forested area north of Pinsk.
Any information would be appreciated.
My fathers name was Gregory his brothers name is Nick and they had three sisters Nadine Mary and Lydia. Their fathers name was Onufrey and their mothers name was Anastasia.
Sergei: Your relatives were found in Lipniki (thanks to Pavel Krivetsky). Anastasia's address was emailed to you.

Leslie Whitehead   (Massachusetts)
lwhiteh104[the at sign]aol.com
Looking for any information on grandfather Ivan Lohanok or Lohaiuk(Sp?). He was born in Grodno in 1891 and moved to US about 1910. His brother Anton moved to US in 1911 leaving behind a wife and son. They also left behind brother Fyedor who had two sons and three daughters and sister Anna and her son Volodia. Last correspondence received from them in 1958. The only address I have is Brest Region; Kobrinetsky Region, Brilero Village. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Sergei: Your relatives were found. They live in the village of Brilevo, Kobrin district. I've emailed their address to you.

Tadeusz Dolbizno   
dolbizno[the at sign]yahoo.com
My last name is Dolbizno, just like this Place " Dolbizno" in the Brest region. Does anyone know if it is a village or a city and how old it is? Also, is there anybody ( on the net) who knows anybody with the last name: "Dolbizno" . I couldn't find even one single person.
Tadeusz Dolbizno

Selina Lacombe   
gsdlac[the at sign]telusplanet.net
My grandfather came to Canada in 1912 (at the age of 16) from the Pinsk area. Family name is TICHONUK - his first name was IGNAT. We know that he had seven siblines (Nazar, Anastasia, Onufri, Sarafim, Walter, Ugania and Maria) and that his parents names were John & Pearl. He recalls coming from a village or area by the name of 'Zishe' or 'Zidche'. Although at one time he thought that one of his brothers had also left for North America, we cannot find any other traces of the Tichonuk name in Canada and only several deceased in the USA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

v-lera[the at sign]yandex.ru
Michael Genshpring searches progeny Raisa Genshpring ( ) (maiden name). Her father - Ion Genshpring, was born in 1868 in Russia in city Astrakhan, Mother - Dveira Gipshman ( , ).
Raisa Genshpring - on a trade the medical assistant. In Russia had 7 brothers. In 1924 has emigrated from USSR in USA with the husband and son. At first lived in Mexico, then she has moved to Texas, where owned bus park.
Per 30 years sent to the relatives in Stalingrad in Russia, parcel through TORGSIN ()
Had two sons v Iosiph (), 1924 of birth and Ilia (), 1934 of birth.
The request everyone, who has any information to write:
Russia, 400066 Volgograds, street. Chuikov, 43-38 for . Genshpring
(, 400066 , . , 43-38 .)
genshpring[the at sign]yandex.ru , v-lera[the at sign]yandex.ru

Chernavchitsy   (Brest)
windfall[the at sign]gmx.de
Looking for people from CHERNAVCHITSY, BREST REGION:
V avguste 2001 goda derevne Chernavchitsy Brestkogo r-na ispolnyaetsa 500 let so dnja ee osnovanija. Ispolnitelnyj komitet obrashaetsja ko vsem, kto svjazan s d. Chernavchitsy i po vole sud'by okazalsja daleko ot nas, svjazat'sa s nami dlja sbora informazii po izdaniju istoriko- dokumentalnoj knigi.
Nash adress:
225030 Brestskij r-n
Chernavchitskij Selskij sovet
Respublika Belarus
+375(162)94-51-35, +375(162)94-52-01, +375(162)94-51-71.

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Total messages: 317

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