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Phyllis   (Kosow Poleski (Kossovo))
fill4man[the at sign]
Hi, My grandfather (Epstein) came from Kosow Poleski(Kossovo). His mother, Rikel (Kantofsky/Kontobsky) Epstein Ketsky (Kleckyn) never left. There was still family in the area, in the 1930's...

Sergio Iatchuk   (Brazil)
s_iatchuk[the at sign]
I would like to know where is (was) located the village named "Zienk". Was it near Rataychistsy? Does it still survive?
Thank you.

William Mikalik   (Winchester, Virginia, USA)
bmikalik[the at sign]
I have a correction in my entry below, the former spelling of my Grandparents name was Mukallik. They had a daughter born in Dzivin, Divin, or Diwin (Polish spelling), Belarus in 1906, Anna Kelly Mukallik? And left for America around 1907 or 1908. My Grandfather Michael was born in 1883 and my Grandmother Mary (Marusia?) was born in 1885. Again, her maiden name was Mary Nee Mischuk. In addition, her brothers John and Anton Mischuk were also from this area. If anyone has any information on any living relatives from the Divin area, Kobrin District of Belarus, please contact me.

William Mikalik   (Winchester, Virginia, USA)
bmikalik[the at sign]
My Grandparents are from Belarus, from the village of Divin or Dzivin. They immigrated to America around 1908. Their names were Michael and Mary Mikalik and had a child Anna that was born there. The name Mikalik is not the original spelling of the name but may have been Mikullik or Mikhalyuk. I believe I still have relatives in the Brest Region. My Grandmother's maiden name was Mischuk. Anyone with this last name combination from this village area may be related to me.

Gabriel Kunik   (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
gabriel_kunik[the at sign]
I am looking for information with respect to the emigration of my grandfathers, who lived in Kossow Poleski until year 1920. Which could have been the out port towards southamerica? and where can I look, on the web, for the lists of passengers in those ports?

Ebsen, Arne   (V. Skerninge)
are[the at sign]
I'm looking for the village Seradovo,where my mothers grandpa were killed in 1915. Do you know anything about the village - please write.
Yours kindly
Arne Ebsen
Sergei: The village is located 4-5 km South-West of Ivatsevichi.

Valentina Noseda   (BIASSONO - Italy)
s.noseda[the at sign]
I'm Valentina, 12 years old.
I'd like to receive some informations, photos and postcards from Brest.
thanks in advance
Valentina Noseda
Via Galilei, 44

Kyaupov Nick   (Novosibirsk)
sinava[the at sign]
I am looking for Kyaupa and Kyaupa people from Belarus, Litva or Russia
Please write to me all!

Mark Eaves   (Melbourne, Australia)
markjohneaves[the at sign]
Helloski!......I am an Australian who recently met a Russian girl called "Maria Litvinovich" in Bahrain, The Middle East......Her parents are "Vladimir and Vera".....Maria spent some time living in Brest but was born in a small village nearby......I am trying to find out an address or phone number of her parents or relatives and whether they live in Brest, Minsk or somewhere else in this region......Maria was born 25th July 1978 and I would like to be able to contact her........any information would be appreciated!...........thanking you from Melbourne........MARK EAVES.....

Vladimir Lomakin   (Kiev)
VladimirL[the at sign]
I am looking for any information or about who knows anything about Evgeny and Boris Lukasevich, from Canada or France (sister Lidia-Leonida),who was borned near 1900 y.o. on the West Ukraine or Poland. If you have any information or, even, photos, please email me at VladimirL[the at sign]

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Total messages: 324

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