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Richard Pacter   (Naples, Florida)
pacter[the at sign]
I am searching for famiky tree data on my Grandfather who came from Divin (Diwin or Dzivin). Harris Pacter emigrated to USA in 1898, Brother Neoch and Sister Malkie emigrated 1920, and Sister Devora? Any genealogy help appreciated.

Daniel Kleysa   (Gdansk)
dk_aztec[the at sign]
My grandfather Wladyslaw was born in 16.02.1924 in the village Linowo, Prozany (Linovo Pruzhany) district. His mothers name was Dorota Zychcinska and his father name Eugeniusz. In 1941 he was taken Germany to village near Lebork (Lauenburg), today this city belongs to Poland. He lived in this city. Now I'm looking for any information about his family in Linovo.

Marcos David Werka   (Belleville, NJ)
mdwerka[the at sign]
Hi . I.m looking for any information that links me to my family. My grandparents were born in Brest Litovsk and went to Brazil. My grandmother.s name was Anesia Biluk and my grandfather.s Gregorio Biluk.
Marcos D. Werka

nora cristina grana de ismael   (Rawson-Chubut-Argentina)
mara-solange[the at sign]
Hello: I'm looking for family.My father in law Lavrentiy Smol born in kamenest-litovsky,brest-grodno,Rusia 08-10-1893,his sister desappeared into argentina she name was Hanna or Crispina.Thanks,Nora.

elaine biblin spiegel (mom kosovske)   (illinois usa)
el529[the at sign]
Help needed on towns--My mother's maternal kOSOVSKY/GOLDMAN cousins are pictured in Drogichin belarus yizcor book; but grammpa said his town of Drohichin was on bug river--he left to find work in odessa. Does the Bug/Bud River also run thro" the other town in belarus? some of these town spellings are lithuanian, polish, russian etc; but are they pronounced the same way? DROHICZYN DROHICHIN DROGICHIN DROCHITCHEN--which of these towns is closest to odessa? i need to know where we are from so i can try to find surviving relatives? does the name Kososvsky come from Kossovo? is Kossovo near any Drochitchen town? is it near odessa? please send a response thanks elaine
Sergei: DROHICZYN DROHICHIN DROGICHIN DROCHITCHEN - it's the same town in different spellings. Drogichin is not on Bug river, it's about 60 miles from this river. But there is a channel between Bug and Dneeper close to Drogichin (Dneprovsko-Bugski Channel).
Kossovski is an adjective formed from Kossovo (in Russian).
Odessa is about 800 km from Drogichin (or 1100 km by car).

elaine biblin spiegel   (northbrook il usa)
el529[the at sign]
list your messages in bigger jewish sites--not many people will come to your webpage;am researching suranme of BIBLIN and KOSOVSKY--any phonetic spelling (jewish families)family came from Drogichin on bug river--but there are 2 different locations belarus/poland

Julia Daker   (Chippenham, Wiltshire, England)
craigandju[the at sign]
My father, Edmund Gomulka was born in a colony called Karcz (apparently south of Brest) in 1925. His family had migrated from Central Poland. Does Karcz still exist and is there any information available on people who migrated to this region from central poland around this time?

Guennadi   (Lida City)
I think your web site is very unique, I'm going to visit this site again and again!
Sergei: Thank you!

why no mention in history section when after 1945 many (1,5-2 million)poles where deported by sovjet goverment?
and the 15.000 killed poles in katyn forrest?
in total 5 million poles deported from Belarus/Ukraine/Lithuania of which 1-2 million lived in Belarus...not forgeting the jews...
also some Belarusians, Poles and Tatars sent to Siberia..during and after ww2
except this good info of these regions..
Sergei: You are right. But, sorry, I have no exact information at this time to place to the site. Especially regarding to the Brest region, because this site tells about Brest region only (not about all the Belarus).

Phyllis Brown   (Nevada)
pbrown324[the at sign]
Looking for student that was assigned to me as guide in 2000, during visit to Belarus by the name of Alexy Smirnov. Was from Baranovichi, Brest region. Thanks for any info of his whereabouts and the continued prayers for him and his family from my family and my church family.

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Total messages: 320

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