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nina   (Winnipeg, Canada)
ninette61[the at sign]hotmail.com
My father was born in 1912, I have his immigration papers that say hi place and country of birth was Norzesc/Poland,and nationality is Pol.Whiteruthenian. But his marriage papers done in germany says Brest-Litowsk. I can not fine the place Norzesc/Poland. I found Brest. Can anyone help me. His name was Wasyl korz
Sergei: ---
Hannia: My guess is that you ancestral Norzesc/Poland is Nurzec in Podlaskie Region>NE Poland. At one point this was part of Brest Litovsk.
MSN Encarta - World Atlas - Map of Brest, Brest, Belarus
Podlasie Voivodship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wrota Podlasia - History of the Region
Note #45
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Poland Mailing Lists
Good Luck!

sklianik boris   (israel )
iraboris[the at sign]012.net.il
розыскиваю - может кто знаит о Гольдмане Зелике . Имигрировали 1917-1918 из белорусии, вазможно из местечка Скародное жену звали Циля. Был брат Берча и Гирш - год рождения1896 отца звали Гольдман Хаим Зеликович мать звали Фейга Мордуховна. В 70 годах он прысылал пасылку в беларусь в гомель брату и связь прирвалась может кто знает буду благодарен ю
Sergei: (translating from Russian): Looking for Goldman Zelike. Immigrated from Belorussia probably from Skarodnoe in 1917-1918. Wife's name was Cilya (Tsilya?). He had brothers Bercha and Girsh (was born in 1896). Father's name was Goldman Khaim Zelikovich, mother's name was Feiga Mordukhovna. We've got a parcel from him in 1970's. Then we lost contacts.

demczylo[the at sign]adinet.com.uy
I am looking for any relatives my surname is Demczylo - Kukaszevicz. My grandfather live in Motol, Drogichin, please contact me if you have any information.
Thank you !!!

Miguel Kaplansky   (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
mkaplansky[the at sign]fibertel.com.ar
I am lookinf for Kaplansky's from Kamenets, Belarus.
If you have or know somebody with this surname please send a mail.
Thanks in advance

Linda Wulf   (Berkeley, California, USA)
lpwulf[the at sign]ix.netcom.com
My late mother-in-law Dvorah Lerman and her sister Nechama lived in the village of Domachevo near Pinsk until 1921. After a pogrom, they were taken to South Africa in a group of 200 orphans by the philanthropist Isaac Ochberg. The girls' story features in my book for 10 - 13 year olds which will be published by Farrar Straus Giroux in 2006. Apparently an older sister was traced in Palestine at some point. Does anyone else have a connection with Domachevo/Domachewa?

Janis   (Ontario, Canada)
mccahill[the at sign]xcelco.on.ca
Is it possible to find an address of St. Prakseda Church in Dubnowicze (Dubnovichi), Belarus. My family is Szpakowski from Bokinicze (Bokinichi). I have a baptismal certificate from St. Prakseda Church in Dubnowicze from 1923 for this family. I would also like to know how these towns are spelled in Russian if possible. I have some Russian maps of the area. Any information or suggestions would be most welcome.

kody karch   (Alaska,United States)
kodykarch[the at sign]yahoo.com
My last name is Karch(Karcz), can anyone tell me about the town or my family please

Larry Schenker (Binenbaum)   (Los Angeles, CA USA)
lpsca[the at sign]earthlink.net
I am looking to contact anyone who either lives in Brest today or had relatives that at one time lived in Brest.
My grandfather Anshel Binenbaum, was born on August 15, 1881 in Brest-Litovsk. He was married in Brest to Tsivia Gershkova in 1902. He left Brest-Litovsk for the United States, via Liverpool, United Kingdom in March 1906. He sailed aboard the S/S Haverford to Philadelphia, PA USA. He landed in Philadelphia on May 28, 1906. He immediately traveled to New York, NY USA and eventually moved with his family to Brooklyn, NY USA. Sometime after his arrival in New York and prior to his purchasing the tickets for his family he changed his name to Jacob Schenker. We have no idea where or why he obtained his new name.
Anshel Binenbaum's mother, wife and two infant sons (my father plus uncle) left Brest-Litovsk in November 1911, traveled to Antwerp, Belgium to board the S/S Lapland (Red Star Line) for passage to New York City. They arrived in the United States on December 12, 1911. They joined Anshel in New York City.
Я надеюсь входить в контакт с любым, кто или живет в Бресте сегодня или имел родственников, которые однажды жили в Бресте.
Мой дедушка Аншэль Биненбом, родился 15 августа 1881 в Бресте-Litovsk. Он был женат в Бресте на Тсивие Джершкове в 1902. Он оставлял Бресту-Litovsk для Соединенных Штатов, через Ливерпуль, Великобритания в марте 1906. Он приплыл на борту S/S Haverford к Филадельфии, Пенсильвания США. Он приземлился в Филадельфии 28 мая 1906. Он немедленно путешествовал в Нью-Йорк, НЬЮ-ЙОРКСКИЕ США и в конечном счете двигался с его семейством в Бруклин, НЬЮ-ЙОРКСКИЕ США. Когда-нибудь после его прибытия в Нью-Йорк и до его покупки билетов для его семейства он изменил его название к Джекобу Сченкеру. Мы понятия не имеем, где или почему он получил его новое название.
Мать Аншэльа Биненбома, жена и два младенческих сына (мой отец плюс дядя) левый Брест-Litovsk в ноябре 1911, путешествовала в Антверпен, Бельгия, чтобы сесть на Лапландию S/S (Красная Линия Звезды) для прохода к Нью-Йорку. Они прибыли в Соединенные Штаты 12 декабря 1911. Они присоединялись к Аншэлю в Нью-Йорке.

Natalia   (Brest, Belarus)
Looking for any relatives of Ivan Keryluk who went to Toronto, Canada in the beginning of 20th century from Zhabinka, Brest region. He had a daughter Anastasia (Nastia Marten?). Before the second world war our family lived at city Pinsk of the Brest region.
Разыскиваю родственников моего дяди Ивана Кирилюка (Ivan Keriluk), иммигрировавшего из г.Жабинка Брестского района в начале 20 столетия в г.Торонто, Канада. До войны наша семья проживала в г.Пинске и мы поддерживали связь до освобождения Беларуси в 1945г. У дяди была дочь Анастасия (Настя Мартен?).
Наталья Коновалова e-mail: ROMEOBREST@MAIL.RU

Pavel Nikalaev   (Hattiesburg)
nikolaevp[the at sign]list.ru
My name is Pavel Nikalayeu.I'm looking my relatives Michael Litvinovich ,who immigrated from Brest(BELARUS) to USA very long ago. My mother is Irina Veremchuk and Grand Mother Nina Veremchuk (maiden name Litvinovich) - village Saki, Zhabinka region.

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Total messages: 317

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