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Milly McGrane   (New Zealand)
FireDot7[the at sign]
One of our cherished long held dreams was to find our Genealogy thus far all records of our family have been destroyed in WWII. My mothers Sarah maiden name was Drucker or Druckier she does not recall the exact spelling of the name. She was only twelve when she was taken away.
Her Fathers name was Malach or Malachi meaning King Drucker or Druckier
Sarah’s mother name was Miriam.
I have no idea if I am spelling these words correctly for thee.
Moreover, he was stunningly handsome with silken dark hair and bright blue round eyes. This is how my mother looks with her soft angel white skin. My mother was born at 47 Miskovitch Street in Brest Litovsk Poland. She was born in the Lords Year of 1929 on December 5th. Brest for a thousand years before this time was always held under the guise of the Russians heart and eyes. For only that brief period in history was Brest a part of the country known as Poland. Now in today I believe, it is considered Belarus White Russia.
The name of my mother’s street is wondrously named after a famous Russian poet Miskovitch.

Brenda Savvides   (London UK)
brendasavvides[the at sign]
Looking for the Kantor or Kanter family from Kartuz Bereza - Abraham or Berille Kantor or Kanter.

Zdzislaw Jozef Olenski   (Knutsford, England)
info[the at sign]
At last I have found a site that gives me some hope, I plan to visit Brest hopefully this summer to try and find any traces of my fathers past and family. His name was Aleksander Olenski, as with many people during the last war he enlisted and ended up in the UK. He had many brothers and sisters, any help would be really apprciated, also any information regarding the Olenski name. Thank you again for your selfless work.

Larry and Betty Ridnour   (Tyner, Kentucky USA)
larry[the at sign]
We write to a young lady in Parokhonsk.
Her name: Vasselinna V Mikulicm. She write in Russian and we have trouble getting the translated, living in a remote area from a major town. Is there anyone that might know of her that could help her in writing her letters in english. We have became quite found of her and would like to help her financially, is there any safe to get money to her. Also I would like to have some information maybe some photos on Parokhonsk. I have found it on the map.

Marcella Fleischman Pixley   (Westford, MA)
mpixley[the at sign]
I am looking for any information about the town of Divin in Poland. My grandfather, Sidney Sokol (He was called Kuzel in Divin) came to Brooklyn New York in 1923(?) and was part of the Divin society, a group of Divin-ers who met once a month to have dinner together and to remember the old country. He told me lots of stories about growing up in Divin and I have always wanted to know what happened to this town after World War Two. Are there any surviving family members who stayed in Poland? If anyone out there has any stories about the town of Divin or people who lived in it, I would love to hear them. Even though I have never been there, the town is always close to my heart.

Sauris   (Edinburgh, UK)
saurusmichaelmanchester[the at sign]
I read in my grand mother's old letters that her father died in Brest of complications due to "mercritis" or "mercitis" and that the region is beautiful.

Janis   (Ontario,Canada)
mccahill[the at sign]
Is it possible to find a postal code for Dubnowicze (Dubnovichi), Belarus. I would like to send a letter to a Church there.
Still looking for the Family Szpakowski from Bokinicze (Bokinichi).
Sergei: Postal code of Dubnovichi, Pinsk district is 225733
Hania: selo/village Dubnovichi > Pinskij raion/district> Brestskaja oblast/region> formerly Minsk Guberniya > today Belarus, latest zip code for village is 225733.
Bokinichi is a hamlet w/o its own post ofc and uses the post ofc in Dubnovichi, which is appx 1.4 miles W of Bokinichi.
Bare in mind that technically there was no such geopolitical entity as Poland from late 18th century to 1919. This was Russia in that timeframe.
Orthodox & Uniate (Greek Catholic) Church Records
Do you have a death certificate for Father? I suspect that records from 1923 would still be at RAHS (district archives) in Pinsk, but you will need to apply for a intl privacy release. RAHS generally do not perform genealogy research. They supply you w/specific documents, like birth certificate or matrimonial document. In order to get privacy release, you will need to contact nearest Belarus Consulate or Embassy and request a privacy release to get whatever documents you need. Cost should be in the range of $75USD.
Have you been in touch w/Village Administrator and made inquiries re any surviving family still in Father's ancestral village? Communicating in Russian is ideal!!! Ask Serhej/Webmaster to recommend someone to help w/translation.
Golovi Silskoji Rady
selo Bokinichi
poshta Dubnovichi
Pinskij raion
Brestskaja oblast
Belarus 225733
PS> Shpakowski surname is derived from Slavic root word Szpak/Shpak = meaning

nina   (Winnipeg, Canada)
ninette61[the at sign]
My father was born in 1912, I have his immigration papers that say hi place and country of birth was Norzesc/Poland,and nationality is Pol.Whiteruthenian. But his marriage papers done in germany says Brest-Litowsk. I can not fine the place Norzesc/Poland. I found Brest. Can anyone help me. His name was Wasyl korz
Sergei: ---
Hannia: My guess is that you ancestral Norzesc/Poland is Nurzec in Podlaskie Region>NE Poland. At one point this was part of Brest Litovsk.
MSN Encarta - World Atlas - Map of Brest, Brest, Belarus
Podlasie Voivodship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wrota Podlasia - History of the Region
Note #45
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Poland Mailing Lists
Good Luck!

sklianik boris   (israel )
iraboris[the at sign]
розыскиваю - может кто знаит о Гольдмане Зелике . Имигрировали 1917-1918 из белорусии, вазможно из местечка Скародное жену звали Циля. Был брат Берча и Гирш - год рождения1896 отца звали Гольдман Хаим Зеликович мать звали Фейга Мордуховна. В 70 годах он прысылал пасылку в беларусь в гомель брату и связь прирвалась может кто знает буду благодарен ю
Sergei: (translating from Russian): Looking for Goldman Zelike. Immigrated from Belorussia probably from Skarodnoe in 1917-1918. Wife's name was Cilya (Tsilya?). He had brothers Bercha and Girsh (was born in 1896). Father's name was Goldman Khaim Zelikovich, mother's name was Feiga Mordukhovna. We've got a parcel from him in 1970's. Then we lost contacts.

demczylo[the at sign]
I am looking for any relatives my surname is Demczylo - Kukaszevicz. My grandfather live in Motol, Drogichin, please contact me if you have any information.
Thank you !!!

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Total messages: 324

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