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akunwata i na nri   (anambra anaocha)
obika_link[the at sign]
My grandparents left Brest Litovsk in 1931. I would like to contact people who qre related or may know about Goland and Urin family from that city. I would like to receive information about nigria

Sebastian   (Poland)
loso[the at sign]
I am looking for any information about my fathers family (his father name is Roman Lysiak from Nekholsty) or maybe anyone know any contact (email) to people in Nekholsty
Sergei: ---
Hannia: PolishRoots - History
Many in CIS countries have migrated from villages to urban areas for economic reasons.
Lysiak's listed in Brest White Pages.
: 9

. 243716
. 444709
. 453168
. 25161
. 453220
. 352656
. 417814
- 209554
. 467520
Nekholsty is a hamlet w/o its own post ofc. Consider writing Village Administrator and inquiring re any surviving family still residing in the village???
s. Nekholtsy
p. Bolshoye Motykaly
Brestskij raion
Brestskaya Oblast
Belarus 225033

Jan Widome   (Washington, DC USA)
jan[the at sign]
Searching for any information on family from Vidomlya (between Brest-Litovsk and Kamenets-litovsk). Surnames may be Widom(e), Widomlansky, Videmlansky, Widem, or any likely derivative from the Yiddish "Vidomlansky". Have also heard name might be Widomdelinsky.
Will appreciate any help.

Wojciech Okulicz   (Toronto, Canada)
I am looking for a grave of my Grandfather Stanislaw Okulicz which died in fortress Brest in 1935. Also I want to exchange emails with all Akulich and Okulich people.

lauren snitcher   (cape town, south africa)
any recommendations about hotels to stay in pinsk?

lauren snitcher   (cape town, south africa)
tyfield[the at sign]
my maternal grandmother braindel gezunterman was born in pinsk in about1911 and was brought to south africa by isaac ochberg in 1921. does anyone have any information about the gezunterman family? i know there was an older sister called frieda and my grandmothers father's name was moshe.

Jennifer Broder Jones   (Birmingham, AL USA)
hlbprod[the at sign]
Good day,
My name is Jennifer Broder-Jones and I am trying to find out if any of my relatives still reside in Belarus. My grandfather was Louis (Lieb) Broder(Brody) and was born in 1896 in an area called Haredok,Minsk,Russia. His mother was Golda Broder (maiden name Shefman) and his father was David Broder. I believe he had 13 brothers and sisters. He last lived in a town called Yekatenoslovak, Russia and came to the United States via Breman Germany in 1914. He traveled on the ship called the Barbarossa. I believe his parents and perhaps one sibling remained in Russia, one might have gone to North Africa and the rest came to the United States.

Although I have some details, I long to find out more about my family heritage and to see if we have any surviving relatives. Can you please help me find out if there are any records at all of these , family members and/or towns?

Thank you in advance.

Jennifer Broder-Jones

Jennifer Broder Jones
1057 31st street south
Birmingham, Al. 35205
(mobile)205-907 5437

Sandra Lea Rudoff   (St. Coud, Florida, USA)
srudoff[the at sign]
I am searching for my Ancestry.
Grandfathers Side:
Great Grandfather Chaim Rudoff and Great Grandmother Chaye Wolkoff (married in Russia), they were the parents of my Grandfather Abraham (born January 10 1877 or 1879) and Great Uncle Ruben Rudoff. They were originally from an area called Vilna in the Village of Sheliba-Minsk, Russia.
Grandmothers Side:
My Great, Great Grandfather Isruk Rudinsky married to My Great, Great Grandmother name unknown, parents to my Grandmother Fannie Rudinsky (born either September 10, 1883 or August 10, 1889) and her four Sisters, Ida, Ann, Sadie, Bessie and one Brother Abe. Theyre from Village of Volozen or Volaze, Russia.
Grandfather and Grandmothers Side:
My Grandfather Abraham Rudoff (came to America March 20, 1902) married my Grandmother Fannie Rudinsky in America on February 25, 1912. They were the parents four Children three boys one girl. Oldest son Hyman Rudoff (born NY, USA, February 14, 1903), Then Sister Ida Rudoff (born NY, USA, January 20, 1905), Middle son Harold Rudoff (born NY, USA, March 7 1921) and youngest son Albert Rudoff (born NY, USA).
If you have information on my family, please feel free to write to me.
Thank you, Sandra Rudoff

Edward Keryluk   (Calgary, Ab., Canada)
ejkeryluk[the at sign]
Seeking information regarding my relatives and forbears named Kyryluk, Dwornik, Owsiansky/Wiwsianski, who emigrated from Sieniawa/Synjava, Ukraine during the later part of 1890 - 1905.

Sharon Corr   (Chicago Illinois)
sharoncorr2[the at sign]
I Embrace the Truth Eternally
And we shall always be one sharing our souls and illuminating our heavenly roles. I know you dream near me.
I breathe the lily breath of your heart and soul tenderly.
Namaste Blessed Be there is power and love in the wings
And the heartstrings of three or more. As we rise, up and sing to the sweet songs of the Lord. I only carry love within my sword. A sword of love can that really be? Yes, I carry a sword of divine love in the rare and sacred lily breath of us.
One of our cherished long held dreams was to find our Genealogy thus far all records of our family have been destroyed in WWII. My mothers Sarah maiden name was Drucker or Druckier she does not recall the exact spelling of the name. She was only twelve when she was taken away.
Her Fathers name was Malach Drucker or Druckier
Sarahs mother name was Miriam.
I have no idea if I am spelling these words correctly for thee.
Moreover, he was stunningly handsome with silken dark hair and bright blue round eyes. This is how my mother looks with her soft angel white skin. My mother was born at 47 Miskivitcha Street in Brest Litovsk Poland. She was born in the Lords Year of 1929 on December 5th. Brest for a thousand years before this time was always held under the guise of the Russians heart and eyes. For only that brief period in history was Brest a part of the country known as Poland. Now in today I believe its considered Belarus White Russia.
The name of my mothers street is wondrously named after a famous Russian poet Miskovitch.
Today my mothers home at 47 Miskovitch Street is now a heath club. How ironic for our family. Her father Malach had an iron works factory and still in today his work stands as all the Iron railings around the 1000 years old Russian Citadel.
And all around the town of Brest. My mother said the iron railings in today have now all been painted black. Of course everything was taken from my family including their precious lives. Only my mother and her sister Tania survived. Tania recently died in Holon Israel she was ten years older than my mother Sarah. One thing I would like to share with you.
About four years ago The Simon Wiesenthal Foundation had my mother Sarah Ruth Drucker or Druckier, listed as killed at the age of twelve in Brest Litovsk Poland. My sister Michelle discovered this and told The Simon Wiesenthal Foundation that our mother Sarah is very much alive and doing fine.
I love you all I beech of you to share anything with me
Youre weaving your love so tenderly through us as we
You sing and Im found on the shores of love divine
As our hearts skip as one through space and time
For love is eternally your in your sacred heart of Amour.
Love Eternally,
Namaste Blessed Be.
This is the song of my mothers soul foretold
In the gates of hell known to all as Auschwitz
Is there anyone out there who can help us?
Symha Drucker or Druckier
Saul Drucker or Druckier
This is the name of Sarahs two brothers.
Here are two poems inscribed from the Thoughts within my mothers eyes.

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Total messages: 324

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