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Marjorie Bassin   (San Juan Puerto Rico)
marjbassin[the at sign]
my father-in-law Malech Bassin left from a small town near Kiev to go to Canada.I heard there is a Bassin family in Brest. Maybe they are relatives and maybe we can communicate?
Sergei: ---
Hannia: There are four Bassin listed in Kiev telephone directory.
2637854 Басин АК Бурмистенко ул., д. 7/11, кв. 59
4743148 Басин ИВ Картвелишвили ул., д. 5, кв. 490
5649811 Басин ВА Драгоманова ул., д. 3Б, кв. 2
5688775 Басин ЯЯ Литинская ул., д. 1Б, кв. 197
Good Luck!

vanda johnson   
vandaHS.johnson[the at sign]
I have gotten more information regarding my father,Ludwik Sniezko Date of birth 15.3.1915. Lived Brzesc nad Bugiem county of Polesie.Fathers name Walenty.Mothers maiden name Jaugus.He was married at the time to Genowefa maiden name Tomaszewicz. Date of marriage 10.4 1937.
Looking for Krystyna Sniezko 1 5 38
Can anyone help?

vanda johnson   (england)
vandaHS.johnson[the at sign]
Can anyone help? I am trying to track down any information. My father was taken from Brest in 1939 to Russia forced labour. Ludwik Sniezko possible date of birth 15-3-20. Mothers name Anna. Following enquires we know someone tried to contact him in 1956 after he had made his life in England. Is there any of his family left. Sisters even a daughter. I am desperate for some news. I have tried searcing on the internet with no joy.Am I doing it wrong. Can anyone advise me. I am in contact with the Red cross and the MOD to try to find a last known address in Brest. I would be grateful of any informaton or advise.
Vanda Johnson [Sniezko]

Bartholomew   (Germany)
Why are there no Belarusian names given for the townships? Brest, Beresa, Ivanovo are Russian renamings of the true names, aren't they?

Michael Dutcher   (Columbus, Ohio)
Michael.C.Dutcher[the at sign]
I am looking for any historical information about the family name of Benach and when and where they may have come from. I don't know exactly where to start but I am very curious and saw the name on this website.

michal   (Poland)
mmkuczynski[the at sign]
I would greatly appreciate anyone with the information about my grandfather - Boleslav Kuczynski. He lived in Lisovicze, near CHERNAVCHITSY, 20km from Brest, Born in Lithuania,moved in around 1920s died propably in Brest 1939, wife Eleonora and Son Jerzy.

J Childs   
childsej[the at sign]
I am looking for maternal Grandfather who came from Minsk, Russia and came to America, his name (American) was Walter Smolnik and he married Steccia who lived in Poland which was across the border from Minsk. Anybody with information would be greatly appreciated.

Neil Greenberg   (Miamia, Florida USA)
n.greenberg[the at sign]
My fathers famiy immigrated to South Africa in the 1920's from the village of Trostaynets near Gaisin. My grandfathers name was Pesach Greenberg. Would appreciate any information on Trostaynets. My mother was also one of the "Ochberg" 200 orphans that were atken to South Africa in 1921. Her family name was Gaby and I do not know exactly where she was from. Would appreciate any information on her also. Thanks

Josef Opalka   (Moss, Norway)
lmagnus[the at sign]
I am looking for my half-brother Jerry Tarnowski. Born ca 1946 in Tel-Aviv. Hes mother`s name was Anna Pieczonka and fathers name was August Opalka. They was not married. Mother and son moved too USA after the war. August Opalka went home too famely in Poland. Jerry or Jerzy live now some place inn USA. Please help.

Lars Magnusson   (Moss, Norway)
lmagnus[the at sign]
We are looking for Jerzy Tarnowski born in Bagdad 1943. He`s mothers name was Anna Pieczonka. Can you please help us. He have a brother in Norway ho want too meat him. He`s name is Josef Opalka.

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Total messages: 324

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