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Sandy   (Hendersonville, NC USA)
swoodco[the at sign]
I'm hoping to find more about grandparents, named GRINKO who came to US from Kovnatyn/Pinsk area I think between 1909 & 1912. Were married before they emigrated (1905-1908?) but came over separately. Grandmother's maiden name something like Mikalina Fedjuk, said to be Polish. Can't find anything that looks like a match in immigration records. All help is much appreciated.

Richard Slavett   (Thousand Oaks, California U.S.A.)
My grandfather,Mike Slavetsky and my grandmother,Ida Forusz immigrated in 1908 independently from Brest Litovsk to the United States of America. Please let me know if you are or know of any relatives currently in the U.S.A.

Pat House   (New Salisbury Indiana USA)
mentorph[the at sign]
Looking for information on Nemolowski or Podnewich. Came to USA 1907 & 1909.

T Peterson   (Wisconsin U.S.A.)
Lilirishditty[the at sign]
Looking for decendence of Sidney Sokol born in Penn. around 1913-14 was a collage student at U.C.L.A in 1935.
T. Peterson lilirishditty[the at sign]

Pinchus London   (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)
pilondon[the at sign]
My Grandfather Pinchus London married with Golda Sirkess lived in 60 Zintuntavske street in Brest between 1870 and 1927.
Do you have heard something about them or their family ?

T Peterson   (Wisconsin U.S.A.)
Lilirishditty[the at sign]
Looking on the net for a friend . Her name is Valarie. Born Valarie Grimes. Her Mother born Irene Kupsik. went by the names os Janice Merideth. Was supose to have married a man Valaries father a college student by the name of SIDNEY SOKOL out east Valarie born in Los Angeles Ca. SIDNEY was born around 1914. He also was born into another name of Elskelski or some sounding name Like that
Please like info. Thanks

aleksandra kozlowicz   (Poland)
olakozlowicz[the at sign]
I would like to find the members of the Kozlowicz family who left the teritory taht is now the south-eastern part of Poland at depending on the time they left might have been called as Galicy or simply Austria or Russia. Since at the area they lived there were a couple of boundaries.

Harry Louis Kozell   (arley, alabama)
hkosiol[the at sign]
I would relish any info on Grigori Kosiol who was from the village of Saki near Brest who came to the US in 1912, also the names: Pavel Butczuk, Prokofy Wolosky,and Artim Sawonink, John Butczuk all travelled to Avoca, Pittston, Penna.
Please need info on Grigori Kosiol, father's name Samuel and Mother's name Agafia from the village of Saki in Grodno gubernia.
Looking for info on my Grandfather named Ludwik Wengrzyn who came to the US in 1907 from the village of Nagoszyn, (Debica, Tarnobrzeg Province., he listed Galicia as the country at that time. He migrated to Nanticoke, Penna and lived there all his life.
Looking for info on Franciszka Bernaska who came to the US in 190? to visit her brother John Bernatski, who was getting married to Mary, Franciszka never went back to Galicia. (see the name problem). The both listed Galicia as their home, but the papers were too unclear to read the city. This is a tough one!!! Thanks for any help.

Neuza Iwaszkowiec   (Chicago, Ill. USA)
NEUZAIWAS[the at sign]
Looking for family of Stephan Andreichuk, from Argentina. He was related to my father, Konrad Iwaszkowiec, from a town outsinde of Pinsk, name stetichewo?
I'm also looking for Wolter Myszko, not sure about the first name. His father's name was Ivan, they were from Stytychevo, Beloruss. Hablo espanhol, e portugues se for necessario.

morris groskin   (syracuse,n,y, usa)
zadye245[the at sign]
my family came from Stolin,Russia family names are Groskin/Machlin/Fiddleman/Melnick/Aggasi possibl-Grushkin. Any connection would be appreciated
Sergei: ---
Hannia: This is a link devoted to the Jewish Community in Stolin.
Stolin - the history of the people who made up a shtetl

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Total messages: 324

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