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Iwona Olejnik   (Polska, Świętochłowice)
insomnia7[the at sign]interia.pl
I'm looking for my sister Magdalene Olejnik (22.05.1986) My father was leaving with her in Germany in Munchengladbach. In 1994 my father died and i think probably Magda still lives with her mother Bozena Jedrzejewska, Holdan, Olejnik but we dont have a contact.
Ich suche meine halbschwester Magdalene olejnik geb. 22.05.1986 in Chorzow - Polen). Ich Heise Iwona Olejnik und wohne in Polen, mit meine Oma und ich mochte meine Oma ein wunsch erfullen. Mein Vater Janusz Olejnik wohnte mit meine halbschwester in Monchengladbach 2 Romerbrunnen 35-11-5. In marz 1994 ist mein Vater gestorben nach der zeit haben wier kein kontakt. Magdalene warscheinlich wohnht Sie mit ihre mutter Bozena Jedrzejewska, Holda, Olejnik
Szukam siostry Magdaleny Olejnik urodzonej 22 maja 1986 roku w Chorzowie. Mój ojciec mieszkał z moją siostrą w niemczech w Munchengladbach, gdy zmarł w 1994 r straciłyśmy kontakt. Magda prawdopodobnie mieszka nadal z matką Bożeną Jędrzejewską, Hołda, Olejnik ur 23 stycznia 1959 roku
kontakt: insomnia7@interia.pl

Yossi Nissan   (Kibbutz Kissufim, Israel)
yossinis[the at sign]netvision.net.il
My family came from Domachevo-Brest-Koden. The families names were: Gelerman-Lin-Fiszman-Rubinstein. As far as I know They had lived in those places in the 19th century thrugh the 20th until 1941. At that point part of them moved to Argentina and part of them moved to USA. I'm looking for anybody who might be related, or any piece of information that could be relevant. Thank you!

Hannia   (USA)
mitehelp[the at sign]aol.com
FamilySearch.org - Family History Centers

Jean Melnik   (Manchester, England)
jean.melnik[the at sign]ntlworld.com
Thankyou for correcting my geographical knowledge. I much appreciate your help. Thank you very much. Take Care x

arnold rubin   (des Plaines, illinois)
rubindev[the at sign]aol.com
my father emigrated from Pinsk,Russia (and at times it was Pinsk, Poland)to the USA in 1910 at the age of 13,I believe his family name was RUBACHA (not sure of the spelling) it was changed to Rubin at Ellis Island. Looking for any relatives that may still be in that area. thank you. rubindev@aol.com

Marek Sobczyk   (Poland)
mareksobczyk1[the at sign]WP.PL
I am looking for BOCHWITZ family from Baranowicze. Marek.

Marek Sobczyk   (Poland)
mareksobczyk1[the at sign]WP.PL
I come from Poland. I am looking for BUZUK family. They lived in Baranowicze before second world war. They lived at PARKOWA street. Marek from Poland.

Tom Grywusiewicz   (Olympia, WA)
TomGry68[the at sign]msn.com
Any information on the Grywusiewiczs from Postawy.

Daniel Karpinczyk   (Toronto, Canada)
dkarpenchuk[the at sign]sympatico.ca
I'm trying to get in touch with any relatives in Belarus. My father Demjan Karpinczyk immigrated to Canada just after the first world war. He was from the village of Malecz.
Sergei: ---
Hannia: Consider writing the Village Administrator (Golova Silskoji Rady) re any surviving family still residing in your ancestral village. Using Russian for communication is best. Given the
village economics, consider including a intl coupon/stamp w/your inquiry. These can be purchased at your local post ofc and will help expedite response.
selo Malech
Berezovskij raion
Brestskaya oblast
Belarus 225245

Grynkiewicz Adriana   (Buenos Aires Argentina)
adrianacz[the at sign]fibertel.com.ar
I m looking about relatives of my father.
My father`s name was Anatoly GRYNKIEWICZ nd he was born in Baranowicze/Baranovichi.
He had two sisters Elena Sawczuk and Teresa and they have lived in Baranovichi.
the name of my grandfather was Aleksander and my granmother Anastazja.
I know that I have cousins in Belarus and I would contact them

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Total messages: 328

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