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joseph chacke   (plymouth pa . usa)
grljoe[the at sign]aol.com
seeing if i have relatives in poland my granparents came from poland some place there names were joeh and mary cziak they had children here in pa and there last names on there birth differ from cziak they consist of ciak chalk chacke i am joseph chack am 53 so if there are any cziaks please contact me if you know of a jospeh and mary who came to the usa in the early 1900's thanks

Ira Lyons   (New York City, USA)
ira_1932[the at sign]yahoo.com
My grandfather, Isadore Soloweiczic immigrated to U.S.A. from Brest in 1912 to MA. His wife was Chaia Sheland who followed in 1914. Relatives please contact ira_1932[the at sign]yahoo.com

Roberta Komleff   (Italy)
roberta.komleff[the at sign]dgroup.it
I have got Russian origin, my grandfather was called Nikanor Komleff (probably it was Komlev instead of Komleff) he came from a sort of village called something like "Pitiovka ??" he said it was not far from Dubovka - I'd like to have some news about the place ..I often think about my far origins - by

Jean Melnik   (Manchester, England)
Jeankinlem[the at sign]aol.com
I am looking for any of my family with the name Melnik. My father was born in Moldova 8th November, 1925. He had a brother Vasile and cousins Petrushka and Nicholai. His father's name was Maxim and I think his mother was called Anna. He lived with his aunt and uncle but fled his home,the Russians took their farm and land. I think he was from Fazouka Resina. He came to England in 1947. He died 31st December, 2005. His aunt and female cousin were taken to Siberia. Any information would be appreciated.
Sergei: ---
Hannia: You have your geography confused. Moldova is hundreds of miles due south of Belarus.
Moldova today abuts Romania and Ukraine. When Father was born, Moldova belonged to Romania.
World InfoZone - Moldova Information - Page 2
10 miles due west of REZINA/Resina one can locate FUZAUCA/FUZOVKA/Fazouka
In 1925 village Fazouka was in the Resina district. Today Fuzauca is in Raionul (district) Soldanesti > Moldova. Latest zip code is 7220???

Juraj Cisarik   (Kosice, Slovakia from Mankovichi near Stolin Belarus)
jurajcisarik[the at sign]hotmail.com
I am looking for some people from Mankovichi near Stolin for a discussion.
My grand mother was named Mankovich.

K Freeman   (West Country. U.K.)
Kfreeman66[the at sign]aol.com
Hoping to help my mother (removed from Rozana - Rozhany - aged 7months), Pruzhany District. Any info on Golda family or Maluchevski/a (?) family gratefully recieved. Any advice on locating accurate maps likewise. Good luck everyone! K.F.

richard rawicz   (uk)
richardrawicz[the at sign]msn.com
my father was born in pinsk in 1915
his name was Slavomir Rawicz any information would be most appreciated.

Andrew Nolan   (Canada)
andrewnol[the at sign]sympatico.ca
With reference to my last posting. I now realise that the village is named Bor-Dubenetsky and is not listed on the map. Can anyone give me some history on it?
Thank you from Canada

Andrew Nolan   (Canada)
andrewnol[the at sign]sympatico.ca
I know a family from the village of Bor-Dubenets which is about 25km. from Stolin. The map shows a village (or town) named Dubenets close to Stolin. Can anyone tell me if this is the same village, and if so what happened to the word Bor? Thank you.
Andrew Nolan

Vitaly Bedritsky   (Belarus)
vitaluds[the at sign]tut.by
My grandpa's belarusian last name was (may be originating to Press or Preuss), he was born in Novaya Mysh near Baranovichi. Does anyone know if this name is Polish or may be German, Prussian? My mother's great grandpa's last name was Slauta and he lived in Belavichi. Does anyone know anything about the names?

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Total messages: 317

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