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nora   (rawson(Chubut)Argentina)
Busco apellido Smol' en Podbolot'ye,Brest,Belarus.
En Argentina pГЎgina CEMLA,publica lista de pasajeros y barcos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ukrainian Genealogical Research Bureau   
Professional genealogical services in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus, ancestral archive research, finding of parish and civil records, obtaining birth, marriage, death certificates and other documents, search for living relatives and heirs, location and photographing memorial places, tombs, accompaniment and support in Ukraine.

Rose Galla   (Scarsdale)
I'm looking for relatives of my grandfather Hyman Markoff who came to the US from Kamentz Litovsk in the early 1900 with a brother and had a falling out with his brother (name unknown). He said the family name was Maze Mazor ( I am spelling it phonetically0 before it was changed in the US. His father's name was Victor. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you.

elsa susana sowpel   (argentina)
busco familia (primos) en belarus; mi papá piotr sowpel llegó a la argentina en 1928, el nació el 20/09/1909.- tenía 5 hermanos y una hermana. en la familia hay una seña particular en la mano derecha. si alguien tiene información sobre familia sowpel o szybun, ese era el apellido de mi abuela. muchas gracias.

Алёна Салякина   (г.п.Шерешево,Беларусь)
Разыскиваю родстневников Старжинского Бронислава Брониславовича.
1837г.р католик,родился под варшавай, проживал и умер в шерешево в 1917г
знаю что у него была сестра в гродно,замужем за начальника почты.Кто что знает отзовитесь,зарание блогодарна!

Алёна   (г.п.Шерешево,Беларусь)
Разыскиваю родстневников Старжинского Бронислава Брониславовича
1837г.р католик,родился под варшавай,проживал и умер в шерешево 1917г

Daniel Ryll - Mostowy   (Meissen, Germany)
Search for missing great-aunts! Justine Ryl * 26.11.1922 in Lipoviec, circle Brest-Litovsk and Irene Ryl* 11/09/1925 Neubrow, Brest-Litovsk. Both were most recently in 1945 in Wanenhain, Poznan in Poland. Since therefore there is no sign of life. Those who had connections to the city Wanenhain (Diepowic today in Poland) and I can maybe something about the whereabouts? Who knows these people or their descendants?

Daniel Ryll (Mostowy)   (Meissen, Germany)
Пошук зніклых без вестак пра-цёткай! Жусцін Рыль * 1922/11/26 ў Lipoviec, кола Брэст-Літоўск і Ірэн * 1925/09/11 Neubrow Рыль, Брэст-Літоўску. Абодва былі ў апошні раз у 1945 годзе ў Wanenhain, Кг Познані ў Польшчы. Так таму няма ніякіх прыкмет жыцця. Тыя, хто быў звязаны з горадам Wanenhain (Diepowic сёння ў Польшчы), і я магу, можа быць, сёе-тое пра месцазнаходжанне? Хто ведае гэтых людзей або іх нашчадкаў

Stefania J.   (USA )
Am looking for anyone from Poland, Ukraine and USA who knew of Michael (Mihal) JAKIM or Eleonora JAKIM....who's maiden name was DREMO. Eleonora's parents were Leonard DREMO & Felicia.
Mike was born in Zabrodzie, Poland and Eleonora born in Worniany, Poland. Used to live near Gogolewo, Poland when i was young.
Thank you. Recently located the SAMCHUCK family in Rochester, Pa. Sofia Samchuck was Michael JAKIM'S sister.

jacqueline Ffriedberg   (New York USA)

Our History
Sorry..this is the picture..thanks...for you time....
Our History

Thank you in advance..maybe you can please help to find out more information about Pincus Smith/ Kusnetz..I was told his studen't name was Kwartin...
Attached is a picture of him and his student..
Thank you--
- you for your time in advance..
If it is possible can you give me any information.. re: my great grandfather Pincus Smith (Kusnetz).Origionally from Bobruisk in 1912, became a scribe and Sofer in Boston, until1936. .Please read below...I was on line and found a site about Chassidic 's and Boston..I called the telephone number..732-690-4546, and it was suggested that I reach out to you.
Thank you,
Please, can you help me identify my Great Grandfather and his Town? Enclosed are pictures of headstones, names and town of decent.
thank you
Re: Pincus (Kusnetz)Smith

Thank you, before hand.
Enclosed is an attachment, obituary from The Chelsea Record, 1936. JCAM is an over-seer for Chevera Chai Odom. You should have information about him, as he is buried in grave #6, "New Right", off of the Fuller Street entrance, right by Slotnick's building.
Please go through

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Total messages: 317

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