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Алексей Голер   
veersis5[the at sign]inbox.lv
Ищу отца, Юра Иванов, год рождения 18.02.41. Он служил в Латвии в городе Лиепае, был мичманам. Кто знает, напишите. Спасибо

Boris Vaysman (Fomenko)   (Ukraine, Uzhgorod)
bob[the at sign]email.uz.ua icq: 191 568 563
My Father VAYSMAN SEMEN MIKHAILOVOCH (Вайсман Семен Михайлович) was born in CHERNAVCHITSY, BREST REGION the 2nd of May 1928 in a large shoemaker's family. His mother's maiden name was DORA

His family moved to BARANOVICHI before the W.W.II. His father died young and
his mother remarried a man with his own children. My father's younger
siblings were sent to orphan's houses (detskie doma), most probably, in
SLONIM and BARANOVICHI, where they were accompanied by my father - he was
the oldest one. He was sent to trade (craft) school either in BARANOVICHI. The war caught him in BARANOVICHI. His school was evacuated first in KHAR'KOV and then to URAL mountains, on the aviation plant. My father studied and worked on this plant till the end of the War. In late
1940th he went to Kiev and worked on a shoe factory in Kurenevka district.
There he met my mother. In 1950 he was called in army, in UZHGOROD
(ZAKARPATSKII region) where he continued to live after his service.

Some time in 1975-80 he received a notice from KGB: (according to my mother)
he was "invited" in connection of the inheritance on his name from Chicago.
He was "brain-washed" in KGB, and was obliged to renounce his relatives.
After this incident my father categorically forbade my mother to discuss
this matter. He was frighten that this connection with his family might
damage my own service as an officer in the army at that time.

I was trying to find any information in our own archives but found out that
these documents were destroyed as the ones that didn't have any importance
for the sate. My colleagues advised me to search in KGB archives. I can not
understand how KGB traced my father's path from his place of birth to
Uzhgorod and why they had that inheritance letter. My father was sure that all his siblings died during the War. Very possible that he was looked for
by his relatives from BARANOVICHI who left earlier in Chicago. How did they
manage to find him in Uzhgorod?! It means that they exist today!
About my name – Boris. The father has named me it in honour of brother Boris.
Truly, Boris Vaysman

Jane Hughes-Jones   (Bath, UK)
Jjanewharton966[the at sign]aol.com
I am looking for my old friends, Sasha (Alexandr Victorovich Ivanov)Date of Birth 29.02.1960 in Vladivastock. Also friends Oleg and Lena, who had a daughter Vasillici. Last known address was ulitsa linkova, d 99, k 3, kv 48. please let me know any news. My telephone 0044 1225 869054.

Alex   (Israel)
gal1707[the at sign]netvision.net.il
Dear sirs!
During war of 1941-45 we have lost the relatives native.
Now it would be desirable to find gone.
My father Gofman Leibl from Shereshevo in 1940 has been called in the Soviet Army
and served in Central Asia. After war it came in Shereshevo,
but anybody from relatives has not found in alive.
The senior brother of my father - Gofman (Hoffmann) Phillip was born
in Shereshevo and married the girl from Antopol. At them two daughters were born.
I wish to ask you to help to find a surname, a name of this girl,
who can remembers that happens with them during war.
In a unique photo (http://stevemorse.org/bereza-and-antopol/photo016.jpg )
in the center the girl from Antopol - wife Gofman Phillip,
on the right the native sister of my father Masha Gofman,
at the left their relative, it is possible from Antopol.

Thanking you beforehand for your cooperation,
Yours sinserely,
Alexander Gofman.

Igor Bajguz   
bajguz[the at sign]bk.ru
Ищу родных моего деда Байгуз Ивана Михайловича(Bajguz Ioann).
Родился 26 серпня 1905 року в Sokolke недалеко от Белостока.
У деда были братья и сестры:
С уажением, Igor Bajguz
bajguz[the at sign]bk.ru

Richard Parasevic   (Deutschland)
parasevicr[the at sign]aol.com
Hello, my Name is Richard Parasevic.
I,am search someone the Baranowitsche Lived and can help me.
My father Peter Parasevic born in Baranovicz white russia at the 24.06.1922 the write of the Name was in front of the war Parasewitsch or Parasiewitsch.
My Grandfather Name was Alexander Parasevic is Born to Kiev 1897 and the Name of Grandmother Lydia Stegmann born 1899 Baranowitsche ? My Grandfather was Smith.My father have sombebody brothers or sisters the he never saw.
He was 1939 with him cousin Stegmann Peter born 1923? as Student for Language and Maths to france as the war from broken to germany. Who white enything about these family from Baranovicz- Baranovitch-Baranowitsche white russia????
Thanks in abeaud.
Sorry for my bad englisch
Richard Parasevic

Richard Parasevic   (Deutschland)
parasevicr[the at sign]aol.com
Suche jemanden der in Baranovicz lebt und mir helfen kann.
Mein Vater Peter Parasevic geboren 24.06.1922 stammte aus Baranovicz die Schreibweise des Namens soll vor dem Krieg Parasewitsch oder Parasiewitsch gewessen sein.Meine Großmutter aus Baranovicz hieß Stegmann Lydia mein Opa war Schmied und diese haben in Smolensk geheiratet.
Mein Vater hatte angeblich noch Geschwister die er nie mehr sah.
Angeblich war er 1939 mit seinem Cousin Peter Stegmann(lebte in Frankreich)als Student für Sprache und Mathematik in Frankreich als der Krieg ausbrach.
Wer weiß etwas über diese Familie aus Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitsch
Danke im voraus
Richard Parasevic

Mateja Turk   (Ptuj, Slovenia)
mateja90[the at sign]gmail.com
Hy! I am looking for some relativs of Matt Turk and Leota Turk. They moved in San Diego around year 1900. Leota was second wife of Matt or Matija, this is a name which we using in Slovenia for him. Name of first wife we don´t know, we hear that he have fifteen children whith she, but we are not sure about that.
Matt(Mathias, Matija) was born in year 1889 in Slovenia and he die in year 1974 in San Diego. Matt is brother of my great-grandfather.
I am looking for any help or information about sons and daughters or grandsons or granddaughters of Matija. Pleas write me on the e-mail if you have some information about Turk family in San Diego. My e-mail address is: mateja90@gmail.com. Thanks
Sorry for my bad english...

Aron Vigushin   (Dallas, Texas, USA)
vigdad[the at sign]mail.com
My G-Mother (my mother's Sarra Eidelshtein mom) maden name was Dzivinissky (Divinissky). My mom was a orphan from WWI and she grows in Eishiskies (Lithuania). Her mother's brother and Father had a watermill.
If somebody have information, I appriciate.
Aron Vigushin

Vasil Yaroshevich   (Moscow, Russia)
vyaroshevich[the at sign]gmail.com
Я ищу информацию о с.Скупово Пружанского уезда. Оттуда родом мои предки по деду, крестьяне (фамилия Ярошевич). Знаю лишь, что это село было где-то в районе Беловежской Пущи и примерно в 1910-1915 г царь выкупил у них эти земли и они переселились на территорию нынешней Волынской области Украины. Буду рад любой информации об этом селе.

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Total messages: 322

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