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Vladimir Lomakin   (Kiev, Ukraine)
ldgroup[the at sign]bigmir.net
am looking for any information or about who knows anything about Evgeny and Boris Lukasevich, from Canada or France (sister Lidia-Leonida),who was borned near 1900 y.o. on the West Ukraine or Poland. If you have any information or, even, photos, please email me at ldgroup[the at sign]bigmir.net

rachelle gentin   (Australia)
gentinfamily[the at sign]optusnet.com.au
Looking for information on the names SEGELOV, TRIGGER from BREST Litowsk who went to UK in 1902-4

Gennadiy   (Simsbury, CT USA)
gman0001[the at sign]gmail.com
I am looking for children of Zina Kozey of Medna, Brest region. I think there were 2 brothers and sisters, names Vladimir and Roza. They left Medna in 1920-1930 for America, either USA, Canada or Argentina.Their sister Ul'yana left in Medna with her husband Ivan Stanchuk. Those are my grandparents.

Ely Geers   (The Netherlands)
j.geers[the at sign]zonnet.nl
Hello, We have a litle girl in our house for health. She will be here for 7 weeks. She lives in Ol'Shany. Is ther anyone who knows the name Simanovich??
Many Greetings

Anya Melnyk   (Winnipeg, Canada)
armelnyk[the at sign]shaw.ca
I am looking for any information of my family from Kozhan Grodek Belorus - last name Gustinovich or Yakubovich.

Philip Siniak   (London England UK)
p.j.siniak[the at sign]boltblue.com
Any information or photos of Jan Siniak and the Siniak family .

Vladimir Chopko   (Charlotte NC USA)
vchopko[the at sign]yahoo.com
Hello I am looking for my family information or any thing about Chopko

Jorge Sosinowicz   (BAriloche Argentina)
jsosinowicz[the at sign]hotmail.com
I am looking for anyone that may have information on my families village of boschnya which was in Poland untill the Second World War when it became part Belarus. I am still hoping for information about family members or pictures etc of the village then and now.
my grandfather was leaving in boschnya until 1927 or 1929.
Any information would be appreciated.

Biarnesa   (Brazil)
biarnesa[the at sign]biarnesa.com
We are looking for information about the Marc family. Thanks for you help.
Biarnesa, www.biarnesa.com

karinss[the at sign]yahoo.com
Looking for anybody who knew my grandfather's family. His name was Nikolai (Kolya) Sobocki, Sopocki or Sobocinski. He was born in Glyadenie, Ivatsevichi district. Before WWII the same village was called Hladziemin. He visited that place in 1973 and I know there were people there who knew him and his family.

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Total messages: 317

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