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belinda Sosinowicz   (UK)
tapartproject[the at sign]yahoo.co.uk
i am looking for any Sosinowicz family members from belarus.

James Bernecker   (Jacksonville, Florida USA)
JFBJAX[the at sign]aol.com
My grandmother's father was Mayor of Ostrolenka Poland. Time frame is about 1848-1907. His name is Albert or Josef and his wife's name was Teofillia (sp). Their daughter, Stephania came to the US several times before settling here around 1903. The problem is, the ship manifest shows a last name of Berg. Her US death certificate shows Berch. She was Catholic.
Was there a mayor during that time frame by either of those names? Albert Berg, Albert Berch, Josef Berch, Albert Berch??

Boris   (Belgium)
borisnok[the at sign]yahoo.com
I'm looking for Mary Melehova.She is living in Detroit.She plays for the tennis team there.Would like to find her greatly!!!

Maria   (Ru, St. Petersburg)
zebrix[the at sign]yandex.ru
Ищу родственников - дедушка Скуба Иван Иванович, жена Мария Ивановна Лунева

daniel novack   (n.j - usa)
badrussian1[the at sign]yahoo.com
looking for relatives in kobrin area,grandfather and his brother- jacob and frank novik born 1892 and 1893,father samuel and mother name mary- came to the usa in 1913-1914

Evgenii stanislavovosh   (Habarovsk)
evgenii1955[the at sign]yahoo.com
Я ищу семью Рузанских, Коля и Света. Жили с ними в одном доме, потом они уехали в Америку, примерно в 1991 году. Дружили семьями, у них два мальчика, Сергей и Саша.Кто может помочь информацией или адресом, будем рады. Заранее благодарны. Семья Соловьевых

Tina Pachter Levine   (NYC, USA)
TSL553[the at sign]yahoo.com
am searching for descendants of misha friedlander, a son of gittal pachter friedlander from brest-litovsk.
tina pachter levine

Tina Pachter Levine   (NYC, USA)
TSL553[the at sign]yahoo.com
Am looking for connections to Kirzner Family from Lyakhovich and Pachter Family from Brest-Litovsk.

Parasevic Richard   (Deutschland)
parasevicr[the at sign]aol.com
Hello, possibly can someone help me and my cousin? We look for for distorted from Baranovitchi and Lyakhovichi.Wenn someone which over our families white request announce-possibly possess someone to the proof old documents or pictures we would be pleased about each answer. Search someone in Baranovicz/Baranovichi lives and me to help can. My father Peter/Piotre Parasevic born 24.06.1922 in Baranovicz the way of writing of the name can have been changed? before the war Parasewitsch or Parasiewitsch Parasevich my grandmother the name Stegmann Lydia, my grandfather Alexander Parasevic came was a schmied it came from Kiev my father had allegedly still brothers and sisters from Baranovicz, whom it could never see to more because of the war. Allegedly it was 1939 with his cousin Peter Stegmann(live the Frankreich)als class participant for language and mathematics in France, when the war broke out. Who something over this family Parasevic of Baranovicz - Baronovitch - Baranowitschi white can me by Mail info. send who something over the whereabouts of family bar man Yvan and Anna from Lyakhovichi and the children Valentina and Frasinia white likewise.
Owing to in advance the
Richard Parasevic from Germany

Parasevic Richard   (Deutschland)
parasevicr[the at sign]aol.com
Ladies and Gentlemen, my question, my father Peter Parasevic goes by born to 24. 06. 1922 in Baranovitchi came allegedly as a student with his cousin Peter Stegmann born 1923 into Lyakhovichi to Germany. As the war 1939 did not break out could both any longer back into the homeland. My father died 1990 it spoke only always of it which it still brothers and sisters had in Baranovitchi. I am now to look for this members of the family Parasevic. I white that my grandfather Alexander Parasevic from Kiew came and to 09. 08. 1897 were born. My grandmother Lydia bar man came from Baranovitchi and became to 08. 09. 1899 born. The marriage of my grandparents was closed 1917. With look for bar man turns out the whole somewhat more easily, there here the names admits are Frasina and Valentina the Elter were called Yvan and Anna it lived in Lyakhovitchi. My question is as can I something over the birth of my father and its brothers and sisters get to know around further with my research to come. Possibly there is a baptismal register or a church register of a city or a municipality my father orthodox was there. Thanks for your assistance. Greeting from Germany Richard Parasevic

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Total messages: 317

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