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Lize   (London)
Lize4441979[the at sign]yahoo.com
As a biography, Alecia Oleyourryk is age 24. She grew up in Oswego, New York with “old-fashioined” parents. She attended Boston University where she was a magazine journalism major and is currently a bartender in New York. She’d like to be an actress in L.A.

kenan varol   (ızmır turkey)
kenanvarol[the at sign]msn.com
hallo ıch bın kenan varol aus turkeı.ıch wıll eıne freundın fınden.name ıs yulıa sapkalo geburtsdatum 25. 07. 1977 sıe lebt ın brest.wenn jemandkennnt sıe ınfornıeren sıe mıch bıtte.
YULIA SAPKALO do you now she.ıf yes please send maıl to me

Корецкий Николай   (BREST,Belarus)
www.DOKAMA[the at sign]mail.ru
Ищу родственников моей матери-Садовской Елены ,которые уехали из деревни СТАВОК из-под ПИНСКА в1939 году вКанаду ,в Торонто .Деда звали НИкита с ним уехали его жена и сыновья Дмитрий, Василий .Последние вести были в шестидесятые годы.

Olga   (Brest region, Zhabinka)
Kib.zoj[the at sign]mail.ru
look for the great-grandfather Zhilov (Zhilavy) Arkady Yaroslavovic. Zilavij (Zilov) Arkadij. born in the city of Biisk (Bijsk) in Siberia.
Kobrin disappeared in the city in 16 let.primerno in 1942. Ameriku.Imel allegedly went to his father and Jaroslav senior Olga, and sisters Sophia, the mother died in Siberia. looking for grandchildren
Also looking for relatives Zhilova (Zhilaviya) Yaroslav V. aware that his father was supposedly Orthodox priest in Western Ukraine

ищем прадеда Жилов(Жилавий)Аркадий Ярославович.Zilavij(Zilov) Arkadij.родился в городе Бийск (Bijsk)в Сибири.
пропал в городе Кобрине в 16 лет.примерно в 1942 году. предположительно уехал в Америку.Имел отца Ярослава и старших сестер Ольгу и Софью, мать умерла в Сибири. ищут внуки
Также ищем родственников Жилова(Жилавия)Ярослава Васильевича, известно что отец его был православным священником предположительно в Западной Украине

Carole Byrd (Dokuchic)   (Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada)
cbyrd[the at sign]cogeco.ca
Message for Alex:
Please contact me for information re Mikhail Dokuchic (he my paternal grandfather) and his brothers. Born in 1882 in Malech.

Carole Byrd (Dokuchic)   (Niagara Fall, Ontario, Canada)
cbyrd[the at sign]cogeco.ca
Looking for information on Dokuchic family.
Paternal grandfather Mikhail Dokuchic, Born 1882. His brothers Maksim Ivanovich Dokuchic ,Nikolai Pavlovich Dokuchic , others Nikulai Ivanovich Dokuchic , Semen Pavlov Dokuchic , Vladimir Danilov Dokuchic. From Village Malech, Province Grodnensky, District Pruzhany. The all emigrated to Canada in early 1900's, and went to Timmin, Ontario, Fort William, Ontario, Fort Frances, Saskatchewan.
Paternal Great Grandfather - Ivan Dokuchic from Berdiansk (?) Tavrtchesky(?)
The info. I have was found in Canadian government archives under the name Dokuchits. Would lik e to contact Alex who left a message looking for relatives of Mikhail Dokuchic.
Any help anyone can give me with any relative still in Belarus or elsewhere would be greatly appreciated.
Sergei: Berdiansk is a town in Zaporozhskaya region (or province, oblast), Ukraine. At that time it was Tavricheskaya gubernia (gubernia - governorate or province in Tsar Russia).

G.W. Zaris   (USA)
gil[the at sign]harrisfreeman.com
Grandmother's family name Arbuz ( Arbus )
Grandfather's family name Zaricki
Both from Pinsk--emigrated to U.S. 1914-1918 timeframe---anyone recongnize these family names from that area of Belarus?

Michael Kush   (Battle Creek, Michigan (United States))
a1234help[the at sign]yahoo.com
Request help in looking for adress; telephone number and Email to both the Brest, Belarus City historial center and family record center.
Thank you in advance for all your help.
Michael Kush

rituna[the at sign]tut.by
maybe someone has relatives from Linava with surname Melesh

James Kreydich   (Oak Lawn -- Cook -- Ill.)
jimkrey[the at sign]aol.com
I'm looking for information on Alexander Kreydich -- Kreidich -- Kaluk all from the
Belarus Areas----------------
thank you all---------

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Total messages: 328

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