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Can anyone research whether any Szyrko family name still living in Belarus...

Shust Zoya Stepanovna   (Minsk, Belarus)
pamelka 19@mail.ru
Looking for relatives of Shust (Vidruk)Mariya Michailovna. She was born in 1928. Now she lives in the village of Minki, Bereza district. Her father, Vidruk Michail Vassilievich was born either in 1907 or 1908 in the village of Marianovo, Bereza district. He moved to Brazil in 1928 and might got married. We'd like to get in touch with his relatives. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cheap Sat Nav   
I might be able to help you with Belarussian translataion, send me an email.

i can't find stolin, poland on any of my maps. Are there any popular places near Stolin so i might be able to find it?

elaine biblin spiegel   (illinois usa)
am looking for jewish relatives surnames kosovsky [many phonetic spellings] chemerinsky maisel goldman shkolnik biblin

Sander Elie   (Sittard, NL)
p.s. please let me know if you are interested in translating my homepage in the Belarussian language... Wouldn't that be great...? :D best regards from NL!!!!!

Sander Elie   (Sittard, NL)
Hello there please check out my Belarussian license plate pics at: Http://www.europlates.eu

Henryk Kremski   
Hi, can you remove my comments on this guestbook ??? Please...
Sergei: Send me an email from fredrostarr@poczta.onet.pl to sergei@brestregion.com to be sure this message was posted by you.

Tanya   (Belarus,Stolin)
Look for family Babich. My granfather Babich Mihail went from the Retchitza (Belarus) in 1908-1910. He sent letters in 1941 th. from America.

Ilya   (Belarus,Stolin)
I am look for grandfather. Korolchuck Grigoriy Yakovlevich. Was born at 7 March 1908 in Jastreble Stolin District. Lived in Zabistrica (Retchitza). Had married. Had 2 sons:Vasiliy and Ul'yan. In 1939 was arrested and sent to Cyubishev.We think that he went to the abroad. Had polish passport.

Ищу дедушку. Корольчук Григорий Яковлевич. 7 марта 1908 года рождения.Родился в деревне Ястребель Столинского района. Проживал хутор Забыстрица р.п.Речица Столинского района. Был женат. Имел двоих сыновей:Василий и Ульян (Юлё).В 1939 году был арестован и отправлен в город Куйбышев. Есть предположения, что ему удалось уехать за границу перед войной. Имел паспорт гражданина Республики Польша.

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Total messages: 322

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