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J. Ferron   (Montreal, Canada)
I have seen performances of the "Radost Folk Ensemble" from Brest, at a Folk Festival last week in Canada.

It is clear that the dancers and musicians, in addition to their great talent, have spent considerable time and efforts in perfecting their art.

Sixteen other troupes performed at the Festival, some of which superb, but Radost was the best and the favorite of the crowd.

The young people of Radost have brought great joy to me and all other spectators, and great honor to their town and country, as well as to their parents and teachers. Cpacebo!

My Polonia   
Pozdrowienia z Kalifornia USA

I zapraszam cala Polonie z calego swiata na nasza towarzyska strone:


krystyna freeman   (west country UK)
Thank you Mayya Golda for replying to me. Without the slash through the L in Golda on my keyboard it is hard to do accurate research. On my original posting I asked for information regarding GOLDA & Malachenki/a but one bit of good news is that my grandmothers maiden name was in fact Rozchenko ( sounds like it anyway) Any help & direction on how to contact local record offices in Belarus would be appreciated. Time is running out for us - my mother may be too old to travel 'home' soon. Again thank you Mayya - it shows that all good things come to those who wait!

Gene Balay   (Canada)
My father was born in a village he called Wawulice. Does anyone know where in Byelorus it might be?
Ночу знать где сєло Вавуличи, помогаете пожалусте
Sergei: You can find Wawulice (Vavulichi) on the map here - http://www.brestregion.com/m6.html near Drogichin, Brest region.

Sam MacIlroy   (Germany)
I am looking for information about the family of my Great-Grandfather. He was born in Nurzec, Poland but his parents/grandparents came from Brest. Before going to America, he lived for a time with his grandfather in Grodno. His grandfather's name was Joseph Lewin. His mother's name was Rosa Lewin. His father's name was Hesche Adler. His grandfather from Brest was Philip Adler.

Maria   (Bialorus)
Ищу своих родственников с семьи Дронжкевич. Помогите, пожалуйста.

Maria   (Bialorus)
Chcialabym odnalezc swoich krewnych z rodziny Drazkiewicz.

шукаю Пліхтяка Дмира батька свого дідуся Пліхтяка Василя Дмитровича . Пліхтяк Дмитро був засланий з України села Пістинь Косівського району Івано-Франківської області в Америку під заборону виїзду за межі Америки . Він проживав один мав великі сади ( займався садівництвом ). У Пліхтяк Дмитра на Україні було двоє дітей син Василь і дочка Марія . Дочка померла залишився живий син Василь . Коли Пліхтяк Дмитро помер його сусід написав листа синові Пліхтяку Василю Дмитровичу але коли син відправляв відповідь на листа то листи повертались і писало що адресат вибув ! Більше відомостів про Пліхтяка Дмитра немає ! Допоможіть будьласка кому знайома ця історія !!! Будем дуже вдячні

Бриштен Наталья   (Кобрин)
Ищу родственников семьи Ковальчук из деревни Стригово, Кобринского района, Брестской области в 1918-1919 годах выехавшие в Америку, или в Канаду. Семья состояла: 5 братьев - Максим (остался жить в Стригово), Михаил (в 1915 году бежал подростком из семьи, затем жил в Москве), Иван ( остался жить в Стригово, работал у отца на мельнице и умер в 1944 году). Имена 2 братьев, которые уехали в 1918-1919 годах в Америку, или в Канаду, не известны, но один из них со временем вернулся. У них была родная сестра: Ковальчук Ольга Силовна ( осталась жить в Стригово). Ищу любые сведения о братьях моей прабабушки, выехавших за границу.
I search for relatives of family Kovalchuk from village Strigovo, area Kobrinskogo, the Brest area in 1918-1919 left in America, or to Canada. The family consisted: 5 brothers - Maxim (has remained to live in Стригово), Michael (in 1915 ran the teenager from family, then veins in Moscow), Ivan (has remained to live in Стригово, worked for the father on a mill and has died in 1944). Names of 2 brothers which have left in 1918-1919 for America, or to Canada, are not known, but one of them in due course has returned. They had a native sister: Kovalchuk Olga Silovna (has remained to live in Стригово). I search for any data on the brothers of my great-grandmother who have gone abroad.

Tanya   (Belarus,Stolin)
Dear rachel, i'm from Stolin and nearest popular city is Pinsk. Could you please contact mem, maybe we can help you.

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Total messages: 322

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